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Q(^_^Q). The friendliest misanthrope you'll ever meet.

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I've discovered a renewed sense of enjoyment from writing, and am back to finish up some incomplete old stories and write some new gen 5 ones.

If you're new, this blog describes a few good places to start exploring my stories. This blog summarizes my hiatus and future plans.

The rest of my user profile is pretty much vintage 2013, unless I find time to update it.

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*drawn by Drawponies

I speak my mind, and I'm a misanthrope. Twilight's Dollhouse is my favorite story, while Dash of Humanity is the most popular.

Fan art/pmv's/readings of my fiction. Also, my own pmv's
About Me / Bio.
List of Favorite Stories, Author's, and Editors.
Stories I've Helped Edit on Fim Fiction
List of favorite Music, and PMV's.
Best/Worst Pony type questions

Some old stories and art also available at DeviantArt

Stories & Comissions:

Updated Oct 2021

Currently incomplete stories being updated:

  • Twilight's Dollhouse 2
  • Ponified Without Consent 2

Upcoming New Stories:

  • Dash of Humanity 3 re-write
  • Halloween Gen 5 Special
  • Comedy/Adventure featuring Hitch, Discord

Wish List:

  • Puppet to her Fame sequel
  • Muffin a Day Keeps the Human Away (maybe)

Commissions: Anything, $10/1,000 words.
Current queue:
Closed, re-evaluate in October.

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I'm tad bit late, but happy eleventh anniversary.

Happy birthday 🎂🎉

Is the next part coming out soon?

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