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Q(^_^Q). The friendliest misanthrope you'll ever meet.

Kaidan's Seal of Approval: Favorite Stories of All Time, listed in random order.


I'll update my profile soon, everything is a tad out of date.

Stories and art also available at DeviantArt

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*drawn by Drawponies

I speak my mind, and I'm a misanthrope. Twilight's Dollhouse is my favorite story, while Dash of Humanity is the most popular.

Fan art/pmv's/readings of my fiction. Also, my own pmv's
About Me / Bio.
List of Favorite Stories, Author's, and Editors.
Stories I've Helped Edit on Fim Fiction
List of favorite Music, and PMV's.
Best/Worst Pony type questions

Stories & Comissions:

Current focus:
1. Dash of Humanity 3

Maybe updated?
2. Twilight's Dollhouse 2
3. Muffin a Day Keeps the Human Away

Commissions: Anything, $10/1,000 words.
Current queue:
1. open
2. open
3. open

My Latest Stories

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will you ever complete the sequel to twilight's dollhouse?

I really do miss Dash of Humanity, it maybe complete but not canceled, I'm still hoping you might come back someday.

I really hope you come back soon, because there's something I really want to commission from you

  • Viewing 453 - 457 of 457
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