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Master king

my oc is the co king of all all alicorns and bicorns,and co ruler of the hidden alicorn and bicorn kingdom Aliden.


Its my birthday · 11:03pm Jul 21st, 2016

happy birthday to me and my nephew my best birthday gift ever.

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You won't be disappointed.

I Love your first story so I want to see what this have to offer.

Thanks for adding Debut of a Hero and The Chowa Plan to your bookshelf!! What did you like about them?

No all my MC's have a rpf(restricting pony form) so they can live a peaceful life with there herd and only use enough power as they need to fight evil bings .

*reads description*
...So, it's a Gary Stu then?

  • Viewing 140 - 144 of 144
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