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My guess is that they just want to claim that Pokemon is more superior to Digimon even though I find the reverse to be more of the case. In all honesty, I have always found out it easy to be a Pokemon fan, while being a Digimon fan was something that had to resonate for a time in order to like it. Most of those who still think Digimon is a rip-off of Pokemon probably never saw an episode of Digimon in their lives. Just like in the video games despite not really playing them, I do like the fact that every season of Digimon gave us something new with new Digidestined (or Tamers) with new Digimon even fighting new villains whereas Pokemon did a whole play it safe with keeping the same main character while only giving new locations despite having newer characters be it good or evil. Although Digimon Adventures Tri did bring the original Digimon Adventures, I was happy to see the rest of the Digimon go to mega besides just Tai and Matt's Digimon, though seeing Omnimon again was nice as well. However, that wasn't the case for Digimon Frontier in combining both human and beast spirits when only Takuya and Koji could do that even though the rest of the team could probably do that as well.

No clue why people started comparing Digimon with Pokemon, other than that they share similar names. It also seemed to start around 2008 or so and not earlier from what I remember some people saying. Other than both series being about kids and monsters, they're almost entirely different; like Digimon is about exploring and saving the world, and Pokemon is... a travel log about a kid and his friends trying to capture Pokemon and win gym badges... totally the same I swear.

I don't think those people realize that Digimon originated from Tamagotchi either, while Pokemon was a bit different in its origins (something about some board games and game-boy from what wiki says.)

Personally I like that Digimon did something different every time a new show/game came out, instead of rehashing the same formula and characters all the time. Like, try comparing Adventures 1 and 2 with Tamers or Fusion lol. It had its ups and downs and not all of the shows were made the best, but rewatching them, I'm enjoying all of them so far.

I have been a Digimon fan ever since it debuted in the US back in 1999. For some reason it appealed to me in a way that even Pokemon just couldn't. BTW, I don't mean to offend anyone here who likes Pokemon, but I always found Digimon to be everything Pokemon just lacked. However, I could never understand how it was always called a ripoff of Pokemon even though little to no evidence of such was ever found. Sometimes, I would find it hard to watch an episode of Digimon whenever my brother comes in and tries to call any Digimon he saw by a Pokemon name, thought that hasn't been the case for the more recent seasons. What I loved about Digimon is that just about every season gave us something new and different whereas Pokemon pretty much remains static for the most part with the same kid and his Pokemon that are still there if they don't even age. There are even Digimon especially at the Ultimate and Mega stages that can most likely kill entire masses of Pokemon with just one attack of their own. Overall, I'm proud to being a Digimon fan.

348089 They are in anime and don't help SouthernCross they being a ass/bitch.

The second four Digimon Adventure tri. episodes are out! Get ready for some new Mega Digimon!

Its finally here! The first 4 episodes of Digimon World Tri are out!
Watch them here!


385906 awesome cant wait to see it

Eeyup! :eeyup: Digimon Adventure Tri, aka Season 7, is set for a 2015 Japanese release, English release date pending. I guess it is about danged time I sat down at watched Xros Wars/Fusion/Season 6.

370440 is it true is digimon really coming back?:raritystarry:

any know what pony would be the size of Raidramon!

Question! Is anyone willing to help me out with my story? I've put it on hiatus for a couple months and I just want help getting it back. PM me if your interested.

The source for this appears to be legit:

A third season with Tai, the origional Gogglehead? Yes please!

359624 In Adventures I felt like Kari could have came in sooner. By the way, have you heard of digimon masters online? Its a real game. The link is here and it's pretty fun. It does take place during the data squad eps but it does include some things from adventures, frontier, and others but mostly data squad. I mostly play on the first server and my username is EnderGirl or something like that. I haven't played for a while. Just warning you though it does take a long time to download but it is worth it.

~New Dawn~

Yeah, I've finished Tamers. The digimon were enjoyable, but the human characters were a bit bland to me. It was a pretty good, but I prefer Digimon: Adventure and Adventure 02 because the human characters were more memorable.

359497 Ok just saying now, I'm watching fusion and I hate it. Greymon looks different, Cyberdramon looks different, even the digivolutions are wrong. I swear I have been a fan over it for over a year and seriously I want to punch the screen of my computer/Tablet when I watch it. I want to get in the show and punch greymon in the face and tell him to get lost. I want to punch the creators of fusion just for that!! Ok rant time is over but I still want to tell you the one thing I hate: there's this digimon called reapmon and under some kind of thing, I forgot already sorry, He digivolves into beezelmon. P.S have you seen or finished tamers? Because then beezelmon would make sense. And yes, I have finished Digimon: Adventure 02. I personally liked it a lot but my favorite season is tamers.

~New Dawn/The only one on this team who likes digimon~

What? Do you mean Digimon: Adventure 02? It's just the second season of Digimon: Adventure!:twilightsmile:
It has to be my favorite season so far.(I've haven't finished Frontier, Data Squad, or Fusion, yet..)

309831 What is that even called? I've been searching for that one on youtube forever.
~New Dawn~

It's a joke dude, no need to be offended!
But you do have to admit he was pretty funny and cute in Adventure02, even if he's not your absolute fav! :twilightsmile:

359475 Wow.... I feel really insulted now...But I'm not saying Wormmon is a bad digimon though, But who do you think is the best digimon then?
~New Dawn~

That's a weird way to spell Wormmon!:rainbowlaugh:

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