So, it's come to my attention that there's a fairly interesting pun regarding a certain group of poly-chromatic equines and a little more than several groups of poly-chromatic-armor-clad human heroes who happen to drive large machines that totally say "SCREW YOU" to the law of conservation of mass in some cases. Anyway, it's also come to my attention that there are quite a few writers out there who take this pun to a particularly high level. (Myself included. *squee*) Anyway, if you're one of that number, feel free to post whatever you may have come up with here. (Yes, I will accept any Saban parody. Not just Power Rangers and Super Sentai.)

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Can someone make a fic about the sentai ryusoulger

I know but I like giving whatever advise I can. I also just joined the group and didn't read the date until after I posted the reply (Insert embarrassed blush here.)

Your 3 years late on that.

Yeah. Once you've chosen a direction for a story have some fun with it. Make up your own logic for the universe the story takes place in. Heck you may do what I did and put all your stories in one universe to make crossovers with main characters easier. Listen to the comments that people leave, but remember it is your work in the end.

Hi I'm new to fanfic writing have any advice?

351012 Yeah, All spots are opening and any one is welcome to tell me what pony can be in it same for Operation Overdrive, I'm doing all 20 Ranger Teams. As of now I only got the Stories of Element Pony Rangers Season 1, Pony Rangers Zeo, Pony Rangers Lightspeed Recuse, and Pony Rangers Jungle Fury up. Some of the team members keep changing so I get different ponies every time.

350590 I don't have any of the rangers yet.

350571 I don't have a pony for the Wild Force Wolfranger, yet. :raritycry:

346468 Hm, I like to see how that goes. I'm going to make one myself but I don't have the ones for all six rangers yet.

Hello, there. I'm new to this group. I'm working on a Pony Rangers Wild Force fan-fiction. I'll submit it when it's done.

340473 Hello Sunflower1414:pinkiehappy:

You know, I made my Power Rangers crossovers after reading agent_cupcakes stories, and hope he get the second season going again soon.

333445 Yes, I do mean "any form of tokusatsu." Glad you enjoy it.

So by any fic regarding Sentai and PR, you mean any form of tokusatsu?. Like Kamen Rider, Metal Heroes and Ultraman?. If that's the case then this is awesome :pinkiehappy:

Yeah! Third to join! Awesome! I got into the line before the crowds arrived! Whoo!

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