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I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


No help, no continue · 3:55pm 9 hours ago

Wow, in my last blog I asked for help in my next chapter for Children of the Sun and no ideas appear to have any pranks for Celestia and Phantom to pull off. It been over a week. It sad really. I understand your guys/girls reasons, don't get me wrong, but can you at least try? I still plan on continuing the story, but I can't if I'm stuck and need help. So please, do you have any pranks for Celestia and Phantom to pull off, make sure they are harmless. If I get nothing by next Monday, then I

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Cold you please finish your power ponies stories!

Happy new year and I wish you best in 2019

Merry Christmas and happy holidays and l wish you best of luck in your future

here is a cast for beast morphers

songbird serenade red ranger

braeburn blue ranger

little strongheart yellow ranger

Good to know and take your time. Oh, but if you plan to redo it under a different name leave an update on it please.

2614602I plan to continued it, but I'm not sure when I'll start again. But it's not dead.

I Know you haven't touched The Phantom and the Princess for a long while but I was wondering if you'll ever finish/redo it or is it dead?

hey, Nintendo have upload clip of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - E3 2018 - Nintendo Switch go watch it here link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L93H7YC-83o

Hows the next chapter of TMNP coming?

if you do the 2017 version of the movie for the mlp form maybe make it equestria girls version make make the main villian oroichi and mentior kakygia with sci twi and dog spike as aids

Please finish at least one of your power pony stories. Not to know how they end and getting spoilers from other unfinished stories is tearing me apart! PLEASE, i love your stories, so please finish one of them.:fluttershysad:

2435535 Hows the next chapter of TMNP coming?

2435528 I know, sometimes I'm blank on what to do next.

you should finish old stories before you make new ones :/

2420767 Hows the next chapter of TMNP coming?

2420583 Still thinking on them, but your ideas are still good.

2359863 How are the Batmare, and Supermare stories going?

here is the full cast a rangers for pony rangers ninja steel

starlight glimmer ninja steel red

double diamond ninja steel blue

party favor ninja steel yellow

night glider ninja steel pink

sugar belle ninja steel white

coloratura/rara ninja steel gold

  • Viewing 1,181 - 1,200 of 1,200
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