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Shazam 25

I'm a guy who loves Video Games and is a Brony. I get different ideas for the mane six and mostly into game crossovers.


Danny Vs Jake Death Battle · 8:37pm Last Monday

Okay, I'm sure some of you know that I watch death Battle and this one had Danny Phantom Vs Jake Long. I was able to watch it and I was happy to hear that Danny won. It was a good fight and will make Phantom Fans like me happy. However, there's a problem. When I wanted to watch it again to make sure I didn't miss anything, it was gone! That confused me, I was like "What the...Where did it go?" I look all over YouTube and I even went to Death Battle main page on YouTube but it wasn't there. I

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Alright I was just wondering that's all

2872484 I'm not in a power rangers mood. But I didn't forget it. I just busy with new story ideas.

When will you add more chapters to Return of the Element Rangers, cause you haven't yet

Won't it? If seem fair for her to have one of Luigi have Gooigi.

2869386 I have been hearing about that for some time. Many people think that was Fluttershy goo counterpart is going to be called if I get back to Fluttershy's Mansion 3.

Flutterslime. (Laughing)

2869101 Sorry for the late reply, what is it?

Shaman, you've got to hear this stupid thought I've been having.

2866255 Not dumb, I just never thought about it. I have been getting new ideas I never got back to it.

Dumb question: you getting back to celestroid prime anytime.... At all?

Anyway, good luck with 'Fluttershy's Mansion 3'. Let me know if there's anything I can do to help.

2859338 That's why I asked. Trust me, this is the first time I head about the rumors, so I'm going to be surprise and start asking questions. No needs to worry. Just surprise was all.

Whoa, easy there, buddy. I said these are rumors, I can't confirm anything I don't know.

2859322 Wait What?!:pinkiegasp: A fourth Luigi's Mansion?! Okay I can understand that Luigi is started to come out of Mario's Shadow, but there a rumor of a fourth game?! Any of it true? Not going to start planning anything thing until I know for sure.

That. I was going to suggest playing or watching the walkthrough of 'Luigi's Mansion 3'. Might help you come up with ideas. And better hurry, I heard a rumor about a 'Luigi's Mansion 4'.

2859033 I don't mind the help. I have going back to playing Luigi's Mansion 3 a bit. But what do you have in mind?

Excuse me Shazam, may I be allowed to offer some advice on 'Fluttershy's Mansion 3'? It's nothing serious or important, I just thought I could help. It's completely your choice. I meant no disrespect.

I'm reading your 'Fluttershy's Mansion '. Sounds like it could be worth reviewing. And it's pretty good.

2819998 So read any of my stories?

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