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Marvel and DC, are the two largest comic book universes and many authors on this website have taken up the challenge of recreating them using the cast of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. This is a group dedicated to those people that have put the effort to creating multiple stories to build up there universes.

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I'm writing a selection of storylines that are part of an universe, so I hope you guys can create a new folder for those stories.

Rip Stan lee died November 12 2018

After this selection of tyranny and basic rules ignoring shown by Avenging Hobbits, I'm joining this group instead.

I think to use the white energy you have to assemble the lights of the other corps or be chosen by the white entity

Neat. How do you get a White one?

They choose their bearer and their energy is charged through an emotion, yellow for fear, red for rage and green for willpower

They grant constructs a deed to be recharged by pointing the ring to a pwoer battery and reciting the respective oath of their corps

When they die the ring selects a replacement

How do lantern rings work?

i think Michael_Ravencroft should get his own folder, for all of his superhero stories

Not sure amazo and the larfreeze story belongs in the earth 52 folder

Sweet, I have my own folder! I never had my own folder before! This is just so awesome! Thank you for putting my work into your group! I'm glad to be here!

Thanks for giving earth 52 a folder

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