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A Man Undercover

I’m an Autistic Conservative Christian who loves to write, act, and be comedic & crazy to help others laugh & smile.

The Dirtiest and Most Despicable Skunks I’ve Ever Met (In Other Words, People I Don’t Get Along With)

About Myself:

In the year 2015, before and around the time season 5 was making its way to the screen, I found myself growing fascinated with the series and the fact that it makes itself so different from its predecessors. When I also discovered the fandom that it had, I immediately dove in (not literally) to find out why so many people outside of its targeted audience love it so much.

Working my way from the series premiere onward, I completely fell in love with the show and found why so many people love it. Later on, Equestria Girls also came on to my list of favorite tv shows, from the first movie onward.

And after reading some MLP fanfics, particularly ones that keep the characters we love to why we love them, and keep the stories good and clean like the show does, I soon began to feel like the fandom became a home of mine, and a retreat to rest in as well.

The things I like about the series the most is how many characters I relate to in personality terms, likes, and struggles, and how many just appeal to me so well; the stories and morals relate to me religiously as a Christian, and taught me so much about friendship, even helping to build me up with the friends and family I have, and with God & Jesus too.

“For no one can lay a foundation other than that which is laid, which is Jesus Christ.” 1 Corinthians 3:11

Kind, honest, smart, comedic, generous, loyal, friendly, shy, nervous, bold, caring, anxious, gentle, hard-headed at times, strict, sometimes serious

Movies, tv shows, books, animals(alive and extinct), God, Jesus, going to church, the Bible, acting, writing, being funny to help others laugh, family, friendship, great sense of humor, comedy, romance(the heterosexual kind), adventure, action, excitement, great storytelling, painting, coloring

Disgusting images, certain political views, the pushing and forcing of certain agendas, the Devil, Sin, nightmares, bad sense of humor, cussing, cockroaches, wasps, bees, hornets, yellow jackets, evolutionism, mean people, completely non-constructive criticism, the act of certain sexualities (homosexuality & bisexuality, and no, I don’t hate the people), people who don't understand that I'm a Christian and that I see things in a completely different view point compared to them


My Style of Writing & Storytelling

In contrast to others who use the past tense for their narration, I like to go more for the present tense. It’s mainly because I find that it helps make things much more visual than past tense, and because I find that it can help myself and my readers visualize everything without even having to try. Visualization and helping the readers easily visualize things without a problem is essential to me. My only exception for the use of present tense comes from making stories told from the first person point of view.

Among other things, I like to especially go for concepts that nobody seems to have tried out at all (yet), or ones that nobody has done in a long time. All in all, I like to try to really differentiate myself from others.

I like to take my time on writing no matter the schedule to really plan out and brainstorm how to go about my story, as well as gather inspiration from a variety of sources in preparation for a story, as I find that I can’t go without inspiration at all.

Additionally, I tend to be more of a clean family-friendly sort of writer. I don’t like to make excessive use of things such as gore (such as people’s heads getting chopped off), sex, cussing, etc. It’s especially to the point of barely using either, because I find them to lack necessity nor do I see the use of them. Violence-wise, I find myself leaning more towards the style and tone that ones such as Marvel and Pirates of the Caribbean often use.

Characters, character development, and dialogue are my favorite parts of writing. I like to especially come up with a line that I think fits his or her personality and the way he or she acts, and I like to come up with a moment that a character is perfect for. In short, I like to come up with what would fit the character naturally.


Two Originals in One Post · 2:16am 7 hours ago

These are a couple of new original paintings that I made myself a while back. Each of them were inspired by my love for pattern paintings, especially after seeing some at an Art Museum in Florida. The colors on each of these paintings were what came to my mind the most.

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You know, it's rare to see hilarious slapstick movies like that today.

That’s nice.

I like them too.

Okay. Because, along with Jim Carrey's version of The Grinch, both Home Alone films are among my favorite feature length Christmas themed films.

I have.

Probably not this year though, particularly because I have a lot of other movies to review.

Greetings, my friend. Have you ever considered doing reviews for the first two Home Alone films?

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