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This story is a sequel to Nightmare Night out

Grogar sends Jet, a lizard spy known for using Shadow stones for cancelling magic, to steal the Star of Worlds, a star with the power to transport the user to any world, after Twilight is entrusted with it. When Jet steals it, Sweetie Belle tries to stop him, causing the star to take them to a human world that is not Canterlot High. While there, Sweetie Belle makes a new friend in Megan Williams, a local farm girl, who helps Sweetie Belle get home, and leads Megan on the adventure of a lifetime.

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I don’t understand why Starlight Glimmer couldn’t appear in your stories yet?

She’s such a great character, and I bet she and Megan would become really great friends.

I'll put her in soon


I think I’m having a little trouble concerning the development of chapter six.

What's the problem? Can I help?

Yes. Of course you can help.

You see, I’m having trouble figuring out how Sweetie Belle can get to the farm and meet Megan in the process.

Why not have her fall onto Paradise Estates and meet Megan?

Yay. That would probably be easier. It would make a lot more sense as well.

A great ending, but wasn't Cadence supposed to be in the throne room as well?

Cadence would've wished them luck in order to protect the star of worlds.

She was there before. The reason she got cut out was because of my doing.

She didn’t really say anything before I came to edit, and I felt like she was just there for no necessary role.

Good story butHere's a few things I thought up sweetie belle wise,
1)she luckily didnt become roadkill
2)if she ended up in Bowling Green, OH, a lab would be having a heyday over her
3) Toledo OH is the size of its county and some change, a bit safer...until you hit East Toledo, she would have hit by a train/car or taken to a lab or shot.

So throwing caution to the wind: never visit Toledo unless its nessesary and if you do, have a gun and body armor on hand. The city is a death trap

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