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Share your patriotism, your views on politics, and just your thoughts and feelings on anything American or concerning America.

We do not discriminate here, as our Constitution and our Freedoms as people are supposed to eliminate tensions between different races as we all are human. To be American is more than just to be born in this country, it is the love, the zeal, the yearning to be like America. You are not American by blood, as to limit ourselves by races, gender, or ethnicity. You are American at heart.

We don't stay in the past, and we do not anticipate the worst for the future.

Sure, we need our military and weapons to provide "negotiations" to those who attack us, others, and their ideals. We are Big Brother. We want to protect our Americans. We want to protect those who want Freedom.

Yes. We have our secrets. We need our secret societies and projects so that we can keep information away from those who seek to harm us.

Yes. We use resources. Try living in a house of mud, why don't you? Houses provide us with income from those who live there as they pay taxes. How could we function without money?

Yes. The problems we face are real. Every day, they seem to get worse, but believe me, we work so hard as people, as a country and an entire heart of the world to fix them. We will see many challenges and we will make many goals, but believe me when I say, "They will be met."

We do not need your pessimism. How can a train move on if not all of its wheels are chanting along with it, "I think I can?"

Don't support our Motherland? Then fine, we don't need you in this group. I wish not to start wars, but to bring us together as an American people. And like I said, everyone may join if they hold these ideologies:

Love. For yourself. For your peoples. For your country. For your liberty.

Trust. Trust those whom you love. If one loses trust, who's to say they can't earn it back?

Liberty. From oppression. From the enemies of Liberty.

Freedom. For you as a living soul in this planet called Earth.

If you violate these Laws, then you've violated the Spirit of America.

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Here for the extreme rational irrational love for my country! USA! USA! USA!
Fresh out of the idea forge, a brand-new group has arrived, earning a listing in New Groups. Congratulations!

I'm British, but I still joined anyway. :rainbowkiss:

That's allowed, right?

Group creator supports Liberty for Lemons.

If you don't mind, I'd just like to leave this here:

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