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A Man Undercover

I'm Autistic and suffer from ADHD & OCD, but I'm very high-functioning and capable of taking care of myself if I need to.


Following the events of making his newest book and reading it in person at the bookstore, Ahuizotl relishes in the adoration and devotion of his newly found fanbase, even if he wittingly or unwittingly managed to outcompete Daring Do and Caballeron's collaborative effort that's sitting across the street from him.

One might say after hearing his side of the story that he's finally not misunderstood by others anymore. Everyone knows the real him now.

Or...do they?

Could that really have been the truth he was telling?

Note: Edited by Norm De Plume from 3/8/20 to 3/13/20.

To discover the status of this story and the sequels, click here:
Official Status on the Sequels to “A Moment of Truth”, and the Story Itself

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Taking place during the time the Main 6 look for the Hippogryphs, and Tempest and Grubber going after Twilight, the Storm King arrives in Equestria for the first time in his life, making his true grand entrance to the land. While he is alone, he reveals his intentions behind why he does what he does, as well as what sort of villain he truly is.

Note: Even though this will be a very dark and sad story, there will be some slight comedic moments to compliment the contributions of Joe Ballarini, who co-wrote the movie’s story with Meghan McCarthy.

This cover art was done by artist Leondude.

Edited by Norm De Plume on January 21, 2021.

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Sunset Shimmer is having a crisis! A computer crisis to be exact! Right when she’s trying to do a history project too!

So, to solve her problem, she and her friends decide to call the most successful repair shop in town. Quick Fix’s House and Electricity Fixer-Uppers Inc. The answer is simple as that.

Meanwhile, the three most little-minded men in the world, The Three Stooges, are working at the repair shop, and they need money in order to keep themselves going.

So, what happens when you get these two groups of people with some very serious problems together? Well, let’s find out.

Note: This story takes place before the events of “Forgotten Friendship”.

Edited by Norm De Plume on May 24, 2021.

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