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This is a group for everyone who enjoys the My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comic series published by IDW. Feel free to discuss the comics in the forums or post fanfics inspired by the comic series.

"Fan fiction is GREAT, awesome, outstanding... and it's in EVERY fandom! BE CREATIVE! Write everything!!! But don't presume that because a fan theory is popular that it overrides everything else." -Andy Price

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I updated the folders! Thanks for your patience.

Got you taken care of! Sorry for the delay...

We need more story folders...

Can you make a reflections folder please?:applecry:
I have got a great story related to the story arc:heart:


Step one: Change avatar to MLP related image.

Step two: Something

Step three: World domination

Due to the large popularity of MLP. If I can control the bronies, then it should be possible to take over the world. :trixieshiftleft:

I was wondering if there was a group for the comics glad I found this one, its probably the only one in the site.

Not my style, I'm afraid. :raritywink:

Though I'm sure there's no shortage of people around this site willing you take you up on your challenge. :rainbowlaugh:


Has nobody made a Wheat Grass x Flax Seed clopfic yet?

Holy horseshit somebody needs to jump on that.

Guaranteed featured box right there.

Just don't be surprised if Andy Price and Katie Cook murder you though. (LOL!)

Gosh, I was waiting for someone else to get rid of that big honking "0" in yon story counter up there. This feels too weird. :twilightsheepish:

...what happened to our group banner? :applejackconfused: All I'm seeing is a solid block of white.


C2E2 is in Chicago, starts tomorrow.

and yeah, right at the start of Rarity Micro you can see Pinkie and Dash enjoying the peep show.

Yesssss! Glad I'm not the only one who finds the comics well written, hilarious and full of more adult themed humor :) hurrah for this group!

It's in the 3rd Micro comic featuring Rarity. :raritywink:

Where's the event happening?


(Pinkie and Dash peeping on the colt's changing room)

o: what issue was this in?

~Have a good one.

If you ever get the chance, go to a local Con and meet the artists and writers. Andy Price is an awesome dude. Let them know you appreciate the comics in person and - if you have the cash - buy a signed copy or get a sketch cover. They really get to flex the boundaries of what would normally be allowed in the MLP universe (Pinkie and Dash peeping on the colt's changing room) and the writing and art is high quality. After Alicorn Twilight we all know the series is going to be different but the comic is worth getting into.

C2E2 is this weekend if you are a midwest brony, all the artists will be there. Check it out!

I can agree to that, but I also think we need to remember to support the series by purchasing the comics or paying for official digital downloads.

Suggestion: Someone post a sticky wih DL links to all the official comics. :raritystarry:

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