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Piquo Pie

I love psychology and writing. I tend to write origional/experimental stories. I am the head of the School for New Writers and the EFNW writing track. My new favorite quote is "Why so ˈsir-ē-əs?"

Best Pony

When all the yes.

When you know you've won the battle against evil.

When you have to ride.

When you're torn between two worlds.

When you have happy tears.

When you need a hug but are alone.

That feeling when you find an image of best pony that is just right.

When someone down votes your story and you don't know why.

When you get a new computer and load up your favorite FPS.

When you're imagining yourself asking out that cute girl.

When you make your first OC (even if it's not the one you first showed the world).

When you have a tune stuck in your head but your trying not to bother others.

When your friend's kitten wants to play "ruff."

When someone becomes an angry hypocrite in the span of a single sentence.

How your first car feels, even when it's a junker.

When you're an American in Canada for the winter.

Because I wanted to include a joke about licking her.

When you get punched in the friendship by friendship.

When a certain writer is through with you.

When you imagine yourself as a rock star.

When your post is 100% Sunset Shimmer Approved.


List of my Writing Tips and Helpful Blog Posts · 12:32am Aug 28th, 2015

This here is where you can find a list of Blogs that I've written that help people write better. I know about half my followers follow me for helpful blogs so hopefully this can help someone as well.

Note: some lessons are links to videos, some have videos AND blog versions, and some blogs are collaborations with other authors,

Full Lessons:

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My Best Stories By Rating

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Are you still around? Going to EFNW?

Trampolines are dangerous butt fun

~Piquo Pican Pistchio Pie

Help getting Xepher's attention or the iron author rules?

Hey I sent the following message to Xepher 4 days ago and haven't heard back from him. Think you could help me out?

Gee howdy sir. D'ya mind providing me with a copy of yer iron author competition rules that us Pacific PonyCon folk can crib off of for our own contest which you said we can use your set up for? Full credit would be given to you of course. Thank ya kindly, sugarcube

Thanks for the favorite! :twilightsmile: I hope you like the final cut. You're credited on there, of course :ajsmug:

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