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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?” “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”

I Wrote a Book

A vigilante able to expose the darkest secrets of his victims is stalking the streets of Pierside. Immortal and unstable, he is a spectre risen from the past: an Elevatus—one of the powerful immortals who can only be slain by their own kind.

Ezzy and Maddy are friends who run a small clinic in the worst neighborhood in Pierside. They are drawn into this web of violence when a beat cop brings a wounded victim to their door. But only Ezzy understands how entangled they really are, and she guards both her secrets and her soul from all she meets.

To find their way out they’ll have to confront vindictive immortals, corrupt politicians, and religious fanatics, along with their own troubled pasts and unspoken feelings.

If you're a fan of cartoon ponies and you're still not sure if you'd like it, check out this blog post. .

...aaaand my book is currently out of print, but it should be back soon. Keep an eye on my blog for details, or if you really need to read it, poke me. As of writing this I have a few copies left over.

About Me

A few words about me:

I’m a writer, blogger, and group admin here on FimFiction. My favorite characters (and the ones I tend to write about) are Applejack, Rainbow Dash, Applejack, Twilight Sparkle, and Applejack. I tend to write romances, with a lot of dialogue and a sense of humor even in serious situations. Other things that might interest you:

I’m the group founder for the AK Yearling Society for Original Writing.
The AK Yearling Society is a group here on the site for writers who are interested in news, thoughts, and assistance on breaking into non-fanfic writing. The group is private, to allow people to hold onto first publication rights to any pieces of stories they might post or link to, but anyone can PM me for an invite. More explanation of that in this blog post.

I have a daughter named Trixie.
Her full name is Beatrix, so she’s only partially named for the pony, and partially for Beatrix Potter (with whom she shares a birthday.)

I blog a lot.
I often blog about writing, shipping, and fandom news. There’s a list of some of my most popular or interesting blog posts on this page. Make sure to glance at the comments, I have some brilliant folks reading my blog and some of the discussions have been better than the blog posts.

I’m an admin of the AppleDash Group and the TwiJack Group, and have run the Shipping and Romance Writing panel at BronyCon for the past two years.
I love to talk shipping. I tend to really dislike “opposites attract” ships, and I’m not shy with snarky comments about RariJack and FlutterDash, but I enjoy good stories and conversation about just about any Mane Six pairing, including those.

If you’re curious about AppleDash fics, or aren’t sure if you’ve given the ship a fair shot, this list is a good place to start, though sadly outdated.

Top Fics of All Time


bookplayer's Blog Index · 7:36am Aug 30th, 2016

This index covers every blog I've written since I joined the site that I think people might want to read or reference. Some of it is outdated, but most of these contain some kind of good or useful information. If there's something you remember that seems to be missing, let me know!

Feel free to comment on older blogs. If I don't respond, it's either because I don't have anything to add or I'm busy, not because the blog post was old.

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I thought you should be aware of this promising new product:

Hello there!
Just to say that I’ve been loving your early Equestria stories, and I’m making my way through Sun and Hearth right now.
Also, as you’ve already written a story regarding the relationship between Pansy and Hurricane, I must admit I would be very interested to read more about your Clover and Starswirl, if you were at all inclined/have the time/whatever.
Regardless, having fun reading about them all, and I wish you the best in continuing!

Email from me to my mother at 10:30 PM few weeks ago:
"Mom, your granddaughter is *literally* bouncing off the walls and running in circles around the rocking chair in her room."

  • Viewing 412 - 416 of 416
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