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Twilight floated a second fritter up to her mouth when she realized the first was gone. “What is in these things?” “Mostly love. Love ‘n about three sticks of butter.”


Seasons one and two are now complete! Season three is being continued in The AppleDash Project: Wherever Life Takes Us.

The AppleDash project is a series of short fics attached to various episodes, detailing a relationship between Rainbow Dash and Applejack behind the scenes. The stories take place sometime during or shortly after the indicated episode.

This is not meant to start shipping wars, argue that AppleDash is canon, or offend other shippers. In fact, if you like the idea I encourage you to try it with other ships!

Teen rating means that there may be talking about sex, and there is one line of dialogue that takes place during intimate relations, but it's warned for and skippable. Nothing sexual is described.

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I'm not an AppleDash fan. Straight up going to admit to that. However the idea of this really interests me, it's actually quite brilliant. Will be sure to keep up with this.

I really like this, I think you've got something good going on here. I agree with repivemag, this idea is really different from all the other AppleDash fics. I say continue! :twilightsmile:

Dash's reaction seemed OOC... yet funny... :rainbowlaugh:

Thanks! I do love AppleDash, but there are other ships I like too, and I like friend-shipping just as much. I'd love to see other people run with the idea, even with non-romantic pairings.

Thank you. I've been trying to do some things a little differently from what I've read, so I hope it pays off!

I'm sorry, next time hopefully I'll be both IC AND funny. Glad I got at least one of the two, though!

Ahhh, sweet. The old classic Appledash, with added cuteness and a good "staring down Big Mac" scene. Tracking! :ajsmug:

Yet this fic still is one of those fics so far that doesn't make me hate it like *snap* that, so congradulations to you or whatever. The concept on this is pretty interesting I'll give you that.
I hate the shipping, the fic though......I like it.:twilightsmile:

I'd like to see more of this. I started out liking shipping with this pairing. So, this story, I like :twilightsmile:

This is just..... SWAG!


Thanks so much!

Thanks. . . I think? Do you not like shipping in general, or is AppleDash just not your ship? Either way, I'm glad you don't hate it. :ajsmug:

Thank you! There will be more, I promise.

Thanks! Glad you like it!

Finally something that moves at normal people(pony) speed! Not ending up in bed after the first chapter or something. Looks like its going to be a good read! fav time. :pinkiehappy:

Not AppleDash in general, just anything with Dash as a lesbian.:raritywink:

I approve. ^^

I just wish Dash would turn down the 'I'm so awesome stuff'. She's full of pride and known to pet herself on the back in front of others, but she doesn't boast till the cows come home. Many authors seem to write Rainbow Dash in this way, and I think they are exaggerating. Other than that, you've written Rainbow Dash pretty good in this first chapter.

Applejack is sounding good.

So far so good, for a post Iron Pony story. ^^

Thank you! More is coming.

I know! Other then Twilight's List, fanfic sometimes makes it seem like ponies don't even bother to date, they just hesitantly admit that they love each other and jump into bed. That's one of the things I like about this, it gives me a chance to let a relationship develop over time.

I'll have more soon!

I understand. I ask because I'm pretty open to ships, but I have a strange aversion to FlutterDash. I see it, I just can't like it for some reason. . . but there are enough fanfics to go around!

I hope the second story was a little better in the Dash=awesome department. I'll be keeping what you said in mind, the "I'm so awesome" is a cheap way to characterize Dash, and should probably be used sparingly.

However, I'll warn you that I'm writing the third one now, and it takes place after "Sonic Rainboom." So Dash is going to be (understandably) high off her win, heroics, and day with the Wonderbolts. Don't give up on me for that one, Dash will calm down in the future.

with such an approach from dash, I would be mad too
epitome of cockiness there, RD:rainbowwild:

Yeah, I don't think that Dash is usually that bad, but after the events of the episode I could see her starting to slip into "Mysterious Mare-Do-Well" levels of ego.

Thanks, glad you like it!

I love this! MOAR!!

How excellent is was that AJ and Rainbow came to an understanding about privacy. :rainbowkiss: :ajsmug:

:heart: Dash!

Thank you! Next update will be in the next few days, and will be a double update.

Y'know, I don't really think RD's reaction is really out of character. We gotta remember that she does have hella insecure moments at times and something like this would probably a large load off her shoulders. Hell, I'd say that the phrase "I'm awesome" for her, while undeniably true, is almost as much a defense mechanism, somewhat.

Forgot to add that I enjoyed this chapter and hope to see more.:twilightsheepish:

Wooo double update, well next time! Really liking that it is based off of eps. Now after reading this I now realise that I have to get up in 6 hrs.
:pinkiecrazy: Confound ponies....


That's more or less what I was thinking. Dash is often a big ball of insecurity with a cocky grin pasted on. She has a lot of respect for AJ, so for AJ to agree to go out with her is proof in Dash's mind that Dash is awesome. And she's always happy to latch onto that proof.

Interestingly, I think there's a pretty good argument that Applejack has a much bigger ego then Dash (Applebuck Season, The Last Round Up, and Super Speedy etc. . .) She doesn't crow as loud, but she expects way more of herself.

Here, have some of my thoughts! :ajsmug: Really, thanks for reading, there will be more very soon.

Thanks! I think this is a neat idea, it's kind of like a prompt challenge with episodes being the prompts. When I finish this (which might be a while, even though I'm not using every episode I have a ways to go,) I might try it with a non-shipping theme. . . Maybe Dash and Scoot would be fun, or the Apple family.

And ponies or sleep? There's a question? :scootangel:


Mhm, exactly what I was thinking when I read this.

Also, while I didn't really give it much thought until now, I completely agree about Applejack. As you said, prideful, but not boastful.

No problem, I'm really looking forward to more of this. To be honest, you actually inspired me to try my hand at this concept, I really like it, but I'm waaaay too busy at the moment. :facehoof:

Aw, cute. I really like how this is different than other Appledash fics. Keep up the great writing :pinkiehappy:

Another great chapter! I like how you have Dash and AJ acting normally and actually discussing relationship issues, as opposed to them being all "My burning love for you is eternal and unexplainable! Angst!" like some fics. Also, I love your update speed. honestly, its commendable. And Pinkie's private party is awesome :pinkiehappy:

Thanks so much!

Thank you! Part of that is the format, it's hard to have too much angst when next episode they're supposed to be back to normal, but part is that I refuse to make AJ and Dash woobies* in general. Fluttershy is designated woobie on this show, tyvm. :fluttershysad: Everyone else can discuss their problems like semi-normal ponies.

Update speed is prone to change, but this style of story (one scene, lots of dialogue) is the easiest for me to write, so I shouldn't lag too much. If I start to slow down a lot, feel free to poke me! I don't mind!

The private party came out of the question "How do you get PInkie to NOT throw a party?"

*Warning for TV Tropes link. :twilightsmile:

HA!!! FIRST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Keep up the good story!:pinkiehappy:

dat ending; god i love Dash

Dash wins. Though, the Little Strongheart bit was a bit much. Still, good humor all around.

562799 and 562822

Thanks! Every relationship needs a little trolling.
Thank you! Working on the next one now.

Yeah, I was iffy over the Little Strongheart thing as well. It's mostly to start establishing background since this is supposed to lead into my already written fic "A Very Long Day", but I feel like I handled it a little clumsily here. I'll do better next time.

Thanks for the feedback!

:rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh::rainbowlaugh: DAT ENDING!!!

I think there was actually a clopfic of that very idea featured not 3 weeks ago!

Haha! Oh man, Dash just pwned AJ! Classic!!!

I am not surprised there's a clopfic. I can no longer be surprised by clopfic. Of course, the clopfic authors seem to take that as a challenge. . .

Glad you liked it!

great ending! Most natural relationship on Fimfiction plus 5 internet points sir or madam. Hey random question would you be willing to do pre-reads?

XD!!!! The end of this chapter was so perfect. *gigglefits*

Thank you! I was hoping it wouldn't come off as too mean, but it felt natural to me.

And the short answer to your question is yes, I've go no problem doing pre-reads. For the longer answer, I'll send you a message.

Thanks! You know, I knew I put that comedy tag up there for a reason. :twilightsmile:

o v O anypony else find that Twi gif a creepy besides the gryphon? srsly, go take a cold shower Twi!

Anywho, ah do enjoy were this AppleDash is heading, looks like this is a strong way to make a lastin' couple with this project of yers.

I'm glad! Hopefully I'll continue on that path.

I like the gif because I'm the author, and ALL comments are love. But I do kind of feel like Twilight is looking over my shoulder as I work on the next chapter now. :twilightsmile:

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I guess every shipping fic is written to show what the author likes about the pairing, but this is my entry into the discourse.

I laughed so hard at Dash talking to AJ about the tree! Again, awesome work, good balance of serious conversation and humor. Pffft, Splinters :rainbowlaugh:

Thank you so much! I do my best to keep things balanced out.

At least somepony has planed for any situation. And they say she packs too much~

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