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Gryphon Brony Brony Before Brony was Cool

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Thank you for the story, kinda related to the character in some way. Also have been a big fan of RP, though I've no heart for it anymore.

Thanks for favoriting The Candy Maker! :twilightsmile:

Hello friend. :pinkiesmile:
Thanks so much for watching me! I really appreciate it.
I hope you enjoy future chapters of SurvivorMare with Applejack Stroud.

Anyway, here's your prize for watching.

132166 Glad ta help I suppose. ya got some interestin' stories and just thought ta keep an eye on ya.

You, sir, are number 400 to watch me. You have my thanks, for helping me to reach this milestone.

  • Viewing 1 - 5 of 5
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