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Someone who needs to write far more than they currently do! x.x


For the below gallery thank you to those artists who have drawn such for me!

Several done by AkuOreo

One done by Dotterall

And of course cover art done by Tulip



Update, apologies. · 2:27pm Mar 4th, 2018

Saw the last update was... well, way too long ago. >.<

Again, I'm really, really sorry for the long delay. I know it's hollow words right now, and I really hate saying them since I haven't anything to show for it, but I have not given up on the stories. Sometimes it does feel like it would be easier to just actually let the poor thing die. ^-^;

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I just finished reading A Voice Among the Strangers and A Stranger Among the Voices before reading your latest update, and I wish to offer you my support any way I can, small as they may be. Both of those stories are simply wonderful and, while I was a little worried because of how long it has been since the last chapter was posted, reading that you want to keep writting despite the difficulties you're having fills me with hope. Hope for the stories to continue, hope that you'll enjoy writting again but, above all else, hope that you'll be happy, no matter what the final verdict may be.

As thanks for some of, and quite possibly THE best stories I ever had the luck of reading, I send you my hope and my wishes of luck and hapiness.

Just popping in to say I've started to re-read your work, particularly the Voices-verse, and it's still good. Hard to believe it's been years since I first found and read A Voice Among the Strangers...

I hope you'll find the urge and/or inspiration to write again, but if you don't, well, that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes and that's all there is to it. Nobody here has the right to demand a damn thing from you.

Best regards!

Well, just try to keep in mind that no one worth listening to is going to respond to your resumed activity by castigating you for not moving faster. They might ask questions or even try to inspire you to action, but they're not going to try to punish you. Also, try to remember that the level of worrying that you're describing is counterproductive. I know you don't get to decide what your emotions are going to do, but it should help if you can at least intellectually believe, "It's okay to log in and do stuff that isn't "post more stories today", and being so ashamed of not updating the story that you avoid doing anything associated with the story is counterproductive so it would help both myself and the readers if I didn't fret so much."

I would like to know as much as you want to tell me, but if it's something you don't want everyone to know then I suspect you are implying that the answer to my earlier question is "yes".


I don't think i'm a special case, but if you'l look at my favorites some of those stories have't updated in years, with an S! PLURAL!

There will always be people who want you to write faster, it's everyone following you.

Please don't be discouraged because a few are more vocal and less tactful then the rest of us. 90% of us will wait patiently and just drop a hint every now and then.

Your stories are wonderful and NEED to be finished. You have excellent characters who deserve to have their story told. Only you can do that. Just drop us a line sometimes. Log in once in a while so we know we aren't waiting in vain.

I mean, I could do that!

If you want to know the story-line/plot for Solitary Pinion, I don't mind sharing it with people. I would do so in private though, as I really don't want to throw it out there in case I do get the urge to write again.

I am very well aware of how long it has been though, and keep getting more and more ashamed of logging in with nothing to show for the time. >.<

Thus the increased time between log-ins I guess. Not ignoring people! Just... don't feel I can really show my face with nothing written. Well, very little written.

  • Viewing 236 - 240 of 240
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