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Someone who needs to write far more than they currently do! x.x


For the below gallery thank you to those artists who have drawn such for me!

Several done by AkuOreo

One done by Dotterall

And of course cover art done by Tulip



Update, apologies. · 2:27pm Mar 4th, 2018

Saw the last update was... well, way too long ago. >.<

Again, I'm really, really sorry for the long delay. I know it's hollow words right now, and I really hate saying them since I haven't anything to show for it, but I have not given up on the stories. Sometimes it does feel like it would be easier to just actually let the poor thing die. ^-^;

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'notices last login is still the same date'


It does show she still thinks about ponies in general. So, who knows... Still hoping.

If nothing else, it's nice to see you've logged in at some point this year.

You know, yours was one of the first HiE stories that I read that made me look at the genre and think, "Damn, maybe I've been missing out on something wonderful." Thanks again, for that. :)

I'm sure they're fine, probably just wrapped up in life.

  • Viewing 248 - 252 of 252
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