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Someone who needs to write far more than they currently do! x.x


Update, apologies. · 2:27pm March 4th

Saw the last update was... well, way too long ago. >.<

Again, I'm really, really sorry for the long delay. I know it's hollow words right now, and I really hate saying them since I haven't anything to show for it, but I have not given up on the stories. Sometimes it does feel like it would be easier to just actually let the poor thing die. ^-^;

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this is for your own good "slaps you with a large virtual herring " that should clear the writers block :pinkiecrazy:

Must admit I'm a little nervous to see you've been offline for a month.

Congrats on hitting 1k followers.

Hope that writers block clears up soon. Would be great to hear from you some time. Miss you.

I really like your avatar: she's very pretty! <3

  • Viewing 227 - 231 of 231
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