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That's just it, all of our stories are AU. Plus, I'd argue the real reason to tag AU is for drastic changes. And you can argue back and forth that isn't how it works, but eh. That is the unfortunate aspect of getting too much information on the characters we love; the whole reason Fanfiction exists is to explore the mystery and what if. I wouldn't dwell on it too much, though. I mean, you don't see me tagging all my stories AU and none of them mention her folks or aunts. :trollestia:

I'm still planning on it. I had started a draft, but then ran into some writer's block. I shifted to some other stories (1 complete, 2 well underway). Maybe once January comes and my life gets a little less crazy, I'll find some inspiration.

Part of the problem is that I wrote the original story in a vacuum. But since "The Last Crusade", we've seen Scootaloo's parents and now my story is technically an AU.

You're welcome. It was very concise and well done for a bunch of crossovers melded into one tale.

Thanks for the follow! I hope that you enjoy my work. Feedback is always appreciated.


  • Viewing 257 - 261 of 261
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