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This story is a sequel to Longing

Scootaloo's tenth birthday party is coming up. It should be a happy occasion. But she still can't fly, and she doesn't have her cutie mark yet. But that's the least of her problems...Is she a runaway? An orphan? Stuck in an abusive home? She wishes. Nothing could be worse than what's really going on...

Takes place six months after the events of Longing

Collab done with Darth Link 22 (Writer of Post Nuptials and Families)

Editted by Vozzlefox (Author of Lately and Unwanted... huge thanks to him, he's also my teacher)

Chapters (16)
Comments ( 449 )

Great Job! Can not wait until next chapter. :raritystarry:

Interesting... Very interesting. I await more. :moustache:

more! more there must be, this story needs more!

Need more awesomeness!

Next chapter I await.

Moar! Moar! Moar! Moar!

If you can not tell already, I am anticipating the next chapter. Job well done!

Yes! A new chapter! Will have to read tomorrow, but shall post a review then!

DUDE! :pinkiegasp: I have read a slot of Scootaloo stories but at least someone is trying something different... keep going!

Great another evil scientist who's goal is to conquer the world demanding ransom becoming immortal making Alicorns?
for some reason i keep thinking he would look like this
A Ponified Doctor Insano

And once again we see the 'loyalty' of Rainbow Dash. I swear, the elements really screwed up when it came to picking her

Dang it RD! When a filly would rather die than return to someplace you Might want to take her fears seriously! :facehoof:

Rainbow Dash would have took the first hint of adventure! :rainbowdetermined2:
RD loves to put up a fight and defy law,but I see what your doing here with your story. I need my reckless, loose cannon RD back! :rainbowwild:

Hmmmm... I can see how RD can be split. On the one hand, she cares deeply for Scootaloo, and is loyal for her... however, at the same time, she's loyal to her friends and probably Princess Celestia as well... and well Twilight at least would go with the legal side...

At least, what appears to be legal, I think after hearing what AJ overheard will most likely change things. A lot.


*puts on sunglasses* lets roll!

Ok let's do this! Raaaaainbow, Dashikins!:rainbowdetermined2:

She just flew in.:facehoof: anyway, I know you had to do it for your story, but I hate it when authors make Rainbow act OOC for plot reasons. I really don't think she would have given up that easily when she basically has a direct channel to Celestia sitting right next to her. A little "hey Celestia, gimme temporary guardianship of Scootaloo until I can get all the paperwork out of the way," and bam, evil ponies don't have a leg to stand on and back off or get crushed into icky little balls by Twilight. If you are gonna put a character in a situation that would cause them to act OOC for your plot line to go forward in the direction you want it to, consider not using them. As it stands, it's a drama creator that feels disingenuous. Rainbow's biggest character traits are loyalty and determination, anything where she gives up without exhausting every avenue isn't going to scan right, and at best will break immersion in the story.

This is not to say that I don't like your story, the premise is very interesting and I'm a sucker for any story with Scoots as a focal character. Just saying that scene ended with Big Mac popping up at the end and whacking RD on the back of the head saying "nope."

Well, as AJ did point out. RD breaking down like this IS a bit... unnatural for her. But I'm sure you have reasons to that, right?
I hope Shining Armour comes in and starts helping...

Every person in life has that moment where they breakdown crying (or in this case every pony)... and Rainbow Dash is no exception to this rule... :rainbowdetermined2:

I know, I know. I just don't think that from the show, this is the type of thing she'll break down over.

In the show; they won't have a filly abducted, beaten, experimented and abused on either

They could have a friend separated from the others... okay its a bit more than that but still...


You have to remember, there might be a direct line to the Princess, but she's a busy mare and there's no guarantee she could respond for a while. These two are supposedly legitimate agents who want Scootaloo now, and resisting them would likely make it harder later to get her later. For right now, at least, turning Scootaloo over to them makes the most sense.


I think that reasoning falls flat when you're a national hero twice over. Especially when the child in question is freaking out beyond all reasonable expectations.

I think Twilight could have argued for waiting for her to check their credentials after the way Scootaloo acted. And if the two protested, even more reason to be suspicious.

But that is just my two bits on the situation. Still a good story, I am really enjoying it so far.


You do make a good point, there.

Oh, and this: *Waves fingers on hand at you.*

“Aw, how cute. Playing connections. Let me try: my best friend is Princess Celestia’s personal student. I’m pretty sure she could clear any matters up. Would you like to find out just what I can get away with? I’ve never really tried it, and I’m kind of curious.”

Translation: "Don't push me, bitch. Because when people push me, I push back."

So... I'm presuming that the official line is that Scootaloo is a runaway from an orphanage. However, the way the two 'DFS' agents are acting away from the Mayor, I suspect that they are something else entirely. Genetic experiment Scootaloo with wings from a DNA graft but non pegasus magic? Conceptual fusion with Firefly and Scootaloo was at Equestria's equivalent of the Alliance Academy?

Kidnapped you, Scootaloo? Oh, no. You couldn't be more wrong. 'Kidnapped' implies you were ever anywhere else. You see, I think that Bloodwing was smart enough to know that kidnapping ponies would just create the sort of attention that he didn't need if his experiments were to succeed. Additionally, there has to be an upper limit to the number of 'experimental resources' that he could acquire that way. No, it's simpler if you just grow them from scratch. Much simpler.

So, kid, I'm sorry to say that your mommy was a petri dish and your daddy was a pipette. Sorry about that.

I do hope that this Bloodwing guy has some powerful magical suppressors up and that those chains are tough. Because, if he succeeds, he's going to locked in a building with a living weapon; a living weapon of the same type that the ancient Unicorn arch-mages designed to kill Discord. The existing ones can juggle celestial objects but they don't have a reason to hate you. This one, on the other hand, has quite an imagination and you have given her particular reason to want to rearrange your body.

Congratulations; you've just made your very own Nightmare. Goodbye. :pinkiecrazy:

BTW - I see my theory of clone!Scootaloo seems to have been verified.

Poor RD is going mad; she's an action-bias personality but just going charging off with no idea where you're going is a bad idea. In the morning, she'll realise that but, right now, she probably hates Twilight with more venom than she ever imagined she could feel.

By the way, I hope for Bloodwing's sake that Scootaloo kills him quick and clean. I don't want to think what Celestia and Luna would do to him by displaying all their magisterial justice and divine mercy to its most horrible extent.

1638217 I agree that it's the most logical choice, but this is Rainbow Dash. Future consequences don't often come into her thought process. A risk vs. reward thinker she is not. Her almost instant offer to adopt Scoots shows how much Rainbow cares about her, and watching two goons restrain and carry off a terrified struggling filly you care for as much as a daughter is just not something I can see Rainbow doing.

I've already said it doesn't make me not like the story, I just don't agree with the characterization in that part. Just my headcanon rejecting a foreign body in the organism. Now I'm off to read chapter three.

Edit: which was great.

I'm gonna guess they're going to get there too late, and Scootaloo will have changed allegiances due to mind altering drugs.


You'll see what will happen :scootangel:

1639282 Either way, I'm sure it will be good, these two stories in this series are very enjoyable.

Keep up the good work!

i like the story, one of the few that involves characters that are not OC or mane6 becoming alicorns (so kudos for the new idea)

-i am sensing a bit of Maximum Ride here; coincidence? :trixieshiftright:

-also while RD may not think plans through all the time, she has shown to be far from stupid so please dontmake themistake of basing her soley off acting without thought
other than that, good story

It little, too late Rainbow Dash.

And I think Twilight is an idiot. 'Let's get some sleep'... yeah, brilliant. It's not like you haven't ever stayed up late cramming or gone over 24 hours without rest then hunted down Nightmare Moon in the Everfree... oh wait, you did.

Yes, yes, I get logically WHY she said it, story wise. But in universe this is now her second big mistake (the first being not investigating the guys that came demanding Scootaloo... any sane person would demand a background check, contact their agency, so on, before letting a child go) and she is seriously annoying me.

Rainbow Dash pick yourself up, laugh about your mistake and don't worry you got this. :rainbowlaugh:
You aren't called 'Rainbow' and 'Dash' for nothing.

Hmm, interesting. Though the villains seem a bit... Saturday morning cartoon-y. Tracking!

“If that mother-bucker does anything to Scootaloo he’s gonna wish he was Tartarus!”

The one fate worse then being sent to Tartarus. Being Tartarus.:twilightsheepish:
Also, it's not your fault.:rainbowhuh:



That outburst probably triggered off every magical detector this side of the Griffinstan border. I would also not be surprised if the three villains now have paste where their skeletons once were.

Black, Blue, repeat after me: we do NOT FUCK with the Alicorn. And if Twilight and crew have any good sense about this, they will head straight for the giant magic signal flare...


I have succeeded in making and severely pissing off a new GOD!

There's no way this could possibly go wrong.:pinkiecrazy:

"Ray, when someone asks if you're a god, you say 'YES'!"

1669040 ha thought I saw That somewhere before

Nicely done Scoot's! Nice escape!

Also, that is so like children XD... but I have a bad feeling about it.

Keep Going Scootaloo! Don't let them catch you! :yay:

"C'mere, I'll make it all stop!" Red needs to say that.

Wow, things just got 20% heavier.

You like Kingdom Hearts don't you? Red is being very Axel at the moment.:trollestia:
Looking forward to where you take this next.


What a cliffhanger, i do hope the girls can make it to Scootaloo in time or at least have the princesses interving on her behalf.

Still please do keep up the good work upon such a great tale.:rainbowdetermined2:

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