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Darth Link 22

I'm a mysterious man with a large Viewer list, despite being very self critical of my work. Looking to write professionally someday.


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Commission Rates:
$15 for the first 4,000 words.
$5 for each additional 1000 words.
No clop unless I'm made an extremely generous offer.
I reserve the right to say no to any idea I find objectionable.
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Latest Stories

The Nuptialverse

Coming Attractions

The Nuptialverse
(For lack of a better name)

Broken Promise

Twilight did the impossible when she hatched Spike's egg. But what Celestia had never told anypony was how she proceeded to do the impossible a second time without even knowing. [One-Shot]

A Starlight Glimmer fic for 2017

Uh.... why do I get these big ideas?

Basically, after two years Starlight completes her training and gets sent on her final exam: to go into every timeline she created and fix things. I picture her picking up allies in each world and making kind of an anti-hero version of the Mane 6.

If this gets written, it will be after 2016.

A collab with Rated PonyStar

A collab with Magic Man


Last Three Episodes rambles! · 7:45pm October 13th

Okay, I got all my important things done. I took care of every important thing I needed to do today. Now, time for a reward for my hard work. Time to wrap up Friendship is Magic Time for a completely excellent and memorable episode and Discord is Grogar.




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Okay, look, I came across these questions a bit, so I'm answering them here.

When will {x} story be updated?

When I get to it. I can't really give you a more concrete answer than that. Do not send me messages asking when something will be updated. I will not respond.

Will you read my story?

Sure. Just PM it to me and I'll get to it whenever. If I don't get to it within a month... PM me again. I'm scatter brained, I probably forgot.

Keep in mind, it's a first come, first serve kind of deal.

Can I friend you on Steam?

Sure, but PM me here first to let me know. After some unpleasant experiences, I don't take unsolicited friend requests.

Any tips on writing?

I use to point people to Rated PonyStar blog post on the subject, but I decided I had some things to say: See them here

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Hey there. Given your bio, I'm not 100% sure if you agree with my decision, but I decided to nominate Families for a spot in the RCL Ponyfic Highlander Bracket. Just thought you might like to know.

I'll take a look at it when I get a chance.

Hey, I was wondering if you'd be interested in checking out my Canterlot Wedding accusation fic "Broken Trust". https://www.fimfiction.net/story/257084/broken-trust

are you going to continue raising spike?

I appreciate your comic rambles as they help me decide which to read.

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Q&A Answers · 9:40pm May 4th, 2013

How did you get interested in the show itself?
I was a fan of a show called Jimmy Two-Shoes. On that show, Tabitha St. Germain plays a character called Heloise, who was a small, cute girl who also happened to be a sadistic mad scientist. When I found out that the same woman played Rarity, I laughed. The thought of a pony having Heloise's voice was hilarious. So I dug up A Dog and Pony Show on YouTube.

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