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Darth Link 22

I'm a mysterious man with a large Viewer list, despite being very self critical of my work. Looking to write professionally someday.


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The Nuptialverse

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The Nuptialverse
(For lack of a better name)

Broken Promise

Twilight did the impossible when she hatched Spike's egg. But what Celestia had never told anypony was how she proceeded to do the impossible a second time without even knowing. [One-Shot]

A Starlight Glimmer fic for 2017

Uh.... why do I get these big ideas?

Basically, after two years Starlight completes her training and gets sent on her final exam: to go into every timeline she created and fix things. I picture her picking up allies in each world and making kind of an anti-hero version of the Mane 6.

If this gets written, it will be after 2016.

A collab with Rated PonyStar

A collab with Magic Man


Where I've Been · 1:07am Feb 21st, 2022

Wow... it's been a while.

So... yeah. Where have I been? I've been at home. And I didn't realize it until this weekend, but I've been pretty unhappy since this whole mess with the pandemic began.

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Okay, look, I came across these questions a bit, so I'm answering them here.

When will {x} story be updated?

When I get to it. I can't really give you a more concrete answer than that. Do not send me messages asking when something will be updated. I will not respond.

Will you read my story?

Sure. Just PM it to me and I'll get to it whenever. If I don't get to it within a month... PM me again. I'm scatter brained, I probably forgot.

Keep in mind, it's a first come, first serve kind of deal.

Can I friend you on Steam?

Sure, but PM me here first to let me know. After some unpleasant experiences, I don't take unsolicited friend requests.

Any tips on writing?

I use to point people to Rated PonyStar blog post on the subject, but I decided I had some things to say: See them here

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I had disappeared from this site for quite some time, and returned after finding myself drawn back in to re-reading stories from some of my favorite authors back in the day.

That very much included you, Darth Link.

I met you many years ago at Fiesta Equestria 2015, and it was a damn pleasure to be on that fanfiction panel with you back then. You were very humble and a gracious co-host. Your stories filled me with such joy, and I can't believe you're gone. You're someone who inspired many, and I hope wherever you are you find happiness in that.

Rest in peace, my friend. Even to this day, over a year later, you are still missed.

It's so strange to think that it's now been a year since you passed, Darth. I still regret that I didn't comment on your final blog within the seven days it'd been up beforehand. I'd just assumed that I'd have all the time in the world to think of well-wishes more substantial than "Welcome back!" or "Good luck!". And then it turned out there hadn't been much time left at all.

I didn't comment on your stories all that much in the grand scheme of things, and I don't think I ever said it to you as directly as I now wish I had, but I genuinely cannot overstate the influence you had on not only my writing within this fandom, but my decision to partake in it in the first place. If it hadn't been for the Nuptialverse, if it hadn't been for the way you wrote Twilight and Spike and Rainbow and Pinkie and all of its other characters and their interwoven arcs, there's a decent chance I wouldn't have given this place, well, the chance that I did, and I loved following all your other ongoing series just as much. It makes it all the more saddening that they — and, far more importantly, the life behind them — were all robbed of the endings they truly deserved, just like that.

Whatever lies beyond this life, I hope it's treating you well, Darth. Thanks for everything.

Wow... roughly a year ago, this guy died? That sucks... I admit, I don't read as much as I used to on this site or anywhere, since I got into reading fiction back in like, 2006 (normally adult-only, but I have read my share without sexual content).

Though I only as of a few days ago, recently started rereading this guy's works I was familiar with. I didn't read them all in the past and often left some unmarked as read, due to skipping some parts I was maybe uncomfortable with, such as Scoots' brief abuse written out in the halfway point of Families. He had some interesting alternate takes on things from the series, Equestria Girls spin-offs (though I never read Through the Mirror, the side-story to Direction), and the 2017 MLP movie. It sucks to hear, cause I definitely enjoyed it. Glad I saw this before I wrote something insensitive about when he might continue this stuff... farewell, Darth Link 22. You were one of the greats, imo. :fluttercry:

I'm writing this assuming you still hadn't found out how and know you can edit your posts and did not forget to update your post below or just remove it. Though I just found out myself obviously, almost a year after the fact. :facehoof:

Apparently, the same guy you replied to said on 3134260 (a later comment you must've somehow overlooked, being that when you replied, it was on the bottom of page 7 and when I found it today, it was at top of page 8) what happened to him. They were friends IRL, I guess, and he learned what happened through Darth's dad. It's tragic, but life can end in pretty tragic and unforeseen ways unexpectedly.

Not to sound insensitive, I feel bad for those of us who were his fans and my heart goes out to his family and friends. I would have loved to see how he continued his overall series if he could've found the desire to continue, had things not tragically ended the way they did. But I do feel grateful for him sharing his ideas with us, while he was able to.


I didn't even know he was dead. Have we learned what happened?

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Q&A Answers · 9:40pm May 4th, 2013

How did you get interested in the show itself?
I was a fan of a show called Jimmy Two-Shoes. On that show, Tabitha St. Germain plays a character called Heloise, who was a small, cute girl who also happened to be a sadistic mad scientist. When I found out that the same woman played Rarity, I laughed. The thought of a pony having Heloise's voice was hilarious. So I dug up A Dog and Pony Show on YouTube.

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