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Darth Link 22

I'm a mysterious man with a large Viewer list, despite being very self critical of my work. Looking to write professionally someday.


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The Nuptialverse

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The Nuptialverse
(For lack of a better name)

Broken Promise

Twilight did the impossible when she hatched Spike's egg. But what Celestia had never told anypony was how she proceeded to do the impossible a second time without even knowing. [One-Shot]

A Starlight Glimmer fic for 2017

Uh.... why do I get these big ideas?

Basically, after two years Starlight completes her training and gets sent on her final exam: to go into every timeline she created and fix things. I picture her picking up allies in each world and making kind of an anti-hero version of the Mane 6.

If this gets written, it will be after 2016.

A collab with Rated PonyStar

A collab with Magic Man


IDW Comic Issue #68 rambles! · 6:55pm November 17th

Well, this was better than I was expecting.

This gets deeper into Tempest's thought process than I expected. Her resentment and pure anger over Glitter Drops saving her, immediately followed by the shocking revelation that she never blamed her friends for her disfigurement, despite the obvious way she could blame her friends. That really helps sympathize Tempest, showing that as much as she was twisted, there always was some good in there.

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Okay, look, I came across these questions a bit, so I'm answering them here.

When will {x} story be updated?

When I get to it. I can't really give you a more concrete answer than that. Do not send me messages asking when something will be updated. I will not respond.

Will you read my story?

Sure. Just PM it to me and I'll get to it whenever. If I don't get to it within a month... PM me again. I'm scatter brained, I probably forgot.

Keep in mind, it's a first come, first serve kind of deal.

Can I friend you on Steam?

Sure, but PM me here first to let me know. After some unpleasant experiences, I don't take unsolicited friend requests.

Any tips on writing?

I use to point people to Rated PonyStar blog post on the subject, but I decided I had some things to say: See them here

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I appreciate your comic rambles as they help me decide which to read.

Hey, Darth,
It's been over a year and I have to ask, do you ever plan to get back to "About Last Month"?

Tea or coffee?

Also, thank you for your stories. They gave me the inspiration to start writing way back in 2013

Is “Raising Spike” still on tracks?

Hey, Darth Link. I just did a review of your story, Families. Here's the link if you're interested.

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Q&A Answers · 9:40pm May 4th, 2013

How did you get interested in the show itself?
I was a fan of a show called Jimmy Two-Shoes. On that show, Tabitha St. Germain plays a character called Heloise, who was a small, cute girl who also happened to be a sadistic mad scientist. When I found out that the same woman played Rarity, I laughed. The thought of a pony having Heloise's voice was hilarious. So I dug up A Dog and Pony Show on YouTube.

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