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Stories about Spike and Twilight go here, simply put. Feel free to join, we'd love to have you.

- Post stories in appropriate folders, please.
- If you need help, please PM LemonadeRaid
- We're all friends here! Feel free to say hello to everypony.
- No flaming, bashing, or trolling.
- We accept Twilight/Spike in any kind of relationship. Romantic, sibling, parental, pet, partner etc: they're all fine.
- You're allowed to submit stories with just Twilight/just Spike, but please put those in the right folders.
- MATURE rated stories go in the MATURE folder. No exceptions.

Again, I can't stress this enough:
Put everything in the right folder, be nice, report the problems, and you'll be good to go!

And last but not least, HAVE A GOOD TIME READIN' THOSE FICS!
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~Admin Fireworks [LemonadeRaid]

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I'm trying to find a story it was a twilight spike mother son story were spike has a bed wetting problem (no sexual )

Comment posted by Joker the kitsuneko shin deleted Aug 22nd, 2021

Wow, this place is amazing :pinkiehappy:

wow 3 spilight groups i really do love that pairing :heart:

7th March 2016? That was my birthday!!!

Helo Everypony!! :pinkiesmile:
I saw that my story was "featured" in this group...

What does that mean? :rainbowhuh:

Happy Mother's Day, Twilight!

One question...why does a Spike and Twilight group have a picture of Spike and Rarity with the fire ruby?:unsuresweetie:


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