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Inferno demon Dash

Showing you the darker, more realistic side of MLP in my writing. Smoking, swearing and being a bastard, but that's nothing new with me. Got a cigarette?


New idea. · 1:07am Oct 30th, 2019

I have an idea for a slice of life, maybe comedy and romance story with Fluttershy and Spike working for Sugarcube Corner with Pinkie, rated teen for swearing, smoking and maybe drinking as the two work for different goals, experience or even more in Spike's case and money, naturally. The romance is Discord/Pinkie and Spike/Gabby.

If any one would like to help edit, proofread or maybe even co-op please let me know, the story will be called Now Hiring.

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You have earned yourself a follower because you know who Archer Bodkin is. :heart:

Another time. I'm busy right now. Sorry friend.

wanna have a look im working on dialouge then details afterwards

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