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PonyConAU - The End · 9:26am Feb 4th, 2014

Hello everyone!

PonyConAU has officially passed. It was one hell of an amazing weekend. As someone who is terrible at taking photographs, expect there to be rather little. Eventually, I will have more things uploaded on my Twitter.

Day One
By the time I arrived at the venue, the line was going around the corner of the block and into obscurity. It was rather shocking that so many wonderful Bronies exist in this butt end of the world. In any case, I did not join the line. Being a Guest, I was able to skip the line and head straight inside. As I was walking down the stairs, I could only imagine the glares at the back of my head. 'Who is this person, and why are they skipping line?'

I arrived just in time to see everyone setting up for the Opening Ceremony.

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I appreciate that. Thank you!

1623564 Congrats, dude. I'd show up there to say 'hi' if I was on the same continent, but sadly I'm not.

I'm not sure what you mean. It was pretty easy.

Incidentally... I'll be on the panel this year, too.

Just saw the AU panel you were on. Man, that must've taken some guts.

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