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  • 10 weeks
    Troubleshooters Update!

    Have a long-forgotten update to Troubleshooters because I'm a forgetful idiot! Spoilers below the break for that and other story news.

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  • 11 weeks
    Cloppy New Year!

    The title is very appropriate. As of the time of this post, my second new story this week will be live.

    So. I've had a very productive week-and-a-half. This one, Focused, sprung almost out of literally nowhere. I took another prompt for the Twilestia prompt collab, and the first idea ended not quite where I'd liked for the collab, even though it was accepted. I came up with a second and am working on it now.

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  • 12 weeks
    New Story Surprise!


    Those returning from some of my older stories might see a new one just went up. I've been kind of a lazy shit until recently and this is part of that. There are a couple things coming down the line, but the idea behind Out of Time would not leave me last night as I tried to sleep. So I stayed up. And wrote the entire thing in five hours.

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  • 39 weeks
    Troubleshooters Update!

    Hey all, if you hadn't noticed, I put an update out for Troubleshooters earlier. It's the first actual new content for the story since... this time last year.

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  • 140 weeks
    Birthday! (Sort of)

    I only found out (Read: I actually looked it up!) a few days ago that three years ago today I created this account. If you just want to hear the new stuff and announcements, and not read a big, boring story of how I got this far, feel free to skip to after the second horizontal line.

    I never thought that when I created it that I'd do anything more than read stories for a few months. Well, after a year of doing just that, I decided to write something myself.

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