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God, I'm so sorry.


You are Anon, and you managed to marry your love, Princess Celestia. However, fate conspires against you, and you end up bound to her sister as well.

Now if only you knew more about Luna than her name.

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OMG~!!!!1! :heart: pls write moar :3
Also, can I make a request? Can you write about my OC? pls pls pls :scootangel:

OMFG I'd like, love you 9ever if u did tehehe :moustache:

God dammit, 8th. I never asked for this.

Actually you did.

A new story!? :pinkiegasp:

I'm really liking this so far.

I really appreciate this, I've wanted a story like this one for a long time

“Then it is time for me to depart,” Luna wearily said, hobbling back to her feet.

Didn't see an anthro tag and it seemed implied that they were ponies here.

Funny stuff here, interactions feel genuine and the character portrayals are believable. Looking forward to more.

You're never going to see an anthro story from me. Fixed.

That's welcome news, glad to help

Clever name for the story, I appreciate that. Not a comedy, interesting. I'm looking forward to see what approach you take with this story with a larger focus on slice of life instead of the easier comedy tag.


heh, although stories like these usually never go in this direction, I actually want Luna to keep that boundary between them rather than the inevitable "events occur where they slowly fall for each other".

5865751 5865776 5866280 5865781

A brilliant masterpiece of literature. 10/10
Pls write moar! XD XD XD

We need sunbuttxmoonbuttxshinyxcadencexyou... I mean, Anon.

You know what else we need? A good dose of


This is being written from a human perspective. Of course a human is gonna say feet, just like a pony would say hooves, or anypony... racist little horses.

Writing a story about this kind of relationship that starts at the usual ending point for it is a pretty interesting idea. It's certainly enough to keep me interested for the next part, even if the first chapter isn't really doing much of anything to pull me in by itself.

I'm not sure if this should be rated M because of its explicit, sexual innuendoes…


…Or I just subconsciously wanting to see a clop scene in the future

Well, the mods approved it at teen. I'm almost definitely not going to put clop in it, though.

But things like 'anal' and 'ravishing' count like explicit sexual description, there for consider M?…well it was insuant so…maybe is teen

Oh and in the future would you consider do 'bonus chapter' with that subject?

Writing clop gets boring quickly.

I don't think even the ESRB would give a movie that just mentions there's a sexual practice by that name an R rating just for that, and those guys are about as stuck-up a collection of arch-prudes as you can find.

Really? wow censorship is confusing

It was accepted tho, silence

Jejeje well Luna will find out what they say, once you go human you never go back, yeah we are that good, all thanks to our opposites fingers, thank you evolution

It's a miracle! A Sunbut x Anon fic that doesn't involve gratuitous amounts of human on horse sex.

If something actually shows or describes sex acts happening in a way anyone would recognize, even without knowing what exactly to call them, then it's usually enough to rate as "containing explicit content." Violence and profanity are considered not quite as necessary to protect minors from, most of the time, so it's really up to each individual movie's video game's (sorry, keep getting all those groups and what they are in charge of confused, movies get the MPAA instead) rating panel what deserves adults-only and what's still good for an M or T rating. Stupid and kind of like they have it all backwards, but there you go.

In your stories it's a universal constant that Shining Armor takes it up the Hershey Hole.

10/10 and a jolly good show

Unfortunately, Celestia wasn't there, so you had to dance with her second-rate sister instead.

I don't know if I should kill you for this

5866531 funniest gif I have ever seen


Doesn't mean it's not right.

Does too, author's word is law unless it impedes on canon, not head/fanon (Unless story is set in AU)

Anyway, I suggested it with a question mark, meaning I wasn't even sure, but What assured me I was and made the proper adjustments.

Also, don't know if that double negative was a joke saying you agree with me :trixieshiftright:


What? It's all true... People would say feet because we have feet and we're used to talking about them. And ponies would say hooves or anypony because they're a bunch of little racists. Just because the writer changed the wording because he wants to avoid any kind of association with anthro doesn't make my logic any less sound.

Also, fishing for comments is too easy...


And ponies would say hooves or anypony because they're a bunch of little racists

Flaw. 'Race' in this case would mean other types of ponies, unicorns, fliers, n cursed. What you mean is something like what 'speciests' sounds like.

Your argument is invalid in accordance to the internet handbook section 2 subsection spooky category 4 label M.E.
Maybe if you used the right b8 m8 ;^>

I think you're looking for xenophobic.

It bears the wrong connotations for me to use that in this situation is all, way I'm used to it isn't necessarily what I want to use it for here which is most likely why that wasn't the first thing to come to mind, but you're right.


Alright, this is good, I hope Luna comes around eventually.
When I read the anal line, I fiest thought cadance took it, but apparently cadance sticks things up shinings chocolate hole.

I have my murder weapons ready, let's just wait and see where he goes with anon and Luna...

Poor Anon and Luna, political marriages rarely was truly happy in any era.

I like it. The only complaint I have is that the lack of spacing between lines is killing my eyes.

Oh god I love this story!

When he did, his tail swished slightly and you saw something under it that made you realize what she meant by liking anal. And given how funny he was walking, she liked it a lot.

I love it FOREVER!

Gettin' some tsundere vibes from Luna here. I'm willing to bet Celestia probably planted that particular law there herself, I am. :twistnerd:

Liking it so far, though. I'll be giving this a thumbs up and favoriting.

Incoming "Fuck this shit, work on Diaries of a Madman!" comments.
(I, for one, like this story.)

5866531 If i was discord’s friend i’d probably say something like this.

What are you waiting for you fool!




I can see this story is going to my fav for a long time. Nicely done.


Maybe if you used the right b8 m8 ;^>

I dunno, I mean, I consider any bait to be pretty successful when it gets multiple bites.

Especially when my mission is to encourage discussion... Muwahahaha!

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