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For us Princess lovers out there who wish to see them bond romantically in every conceivable way possible. If you are such a person, then this is the group for you.

Group Rules:

1. Must contain Princess Twilight, Celestia, Luna, or Cadance, or any combination of said ponies (duh).
2. Fics submitted must go into the appropriate folder.
3. You may submit a fic to more then one folder as long as it contains the characters of said folder being romantically involved.
4. This group accepts all content, regardless if it is safe of not safe for work.
5. Anything containing Nightmare Moon must be submitted to the Queen Nightmare Moon folder, no exceptions.
6. Anything submitted to the Princess Twilight Sparkle folder must contain Twilicorn, anything not containing Twilicorn in that folder will be removed.
7. And that's pretty much it for rules, and remember to also heed the site rules while your her.

Lets pray this group grows large and strong, for our lovely goddesses deserve all the love they can get.

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Can you add Princess Flurry Heart so her stories can get some love?

Ryza #10 · Nov 6th, 2018 · · 4 ·

May shining be included in the pairing?

Why is there not a collab group for this yet? We've got one for every other pairing with these four.

That image looks awful with the black bar at the bottom. Just saying. Nice group.

PRINCESS POWER! :heart::twilightsmile::heart::trollestia::heart:

Yay for the Princesses! :twilightsmile:

I just joined this group but I already have a question^^; Are there plans to include Queen Chrysalis in here as well or is this exclusive to princesses (and their alter egos)?

Ooo~ I like this group.

Glad to have you. :twilightsmile:

WHOA.... Nice pics there... so, yeah, that's the main reason I joined. heh.

Omg.... I have found my new cyber-home... :pinkiehappy:
I stumbled upon this page and its pictures and its just beautiful :fluttercry: <-----------------> (tears of joy)

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