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I'm just a simple writer sharing his hobby with the world, hope you all enjoy.

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I know it's been a while, but I would like to chat if you have the time. · 10:00pm Feb 19th, 2021

Wow, two years since I made a blog post, and nearly a years since I last updated a story.

Well the reason for that is sadly quite simple, I have had writers block due to the presidential election (yeah, I know, stupide) but recently I have been getting the urge to write again, which has brought me of course to Changeling Mine.

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Truth Behind Harmony Universe Q&A · 1:11am Feb 3rd, 2013

This is the new and Improved Truth Behind Harmony Questions and Answers blog, which will cover both Truth Behind Harmony itself, and all the side stories that are part of the Expanded Universe Series. If any of you have any questions regarding these works of mine, please feel free to drop them off here, and I will get to them as fast as I can.

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Quick question is this:The Changeling Gorbfest: Celestial Traditions ever going to be finished

Suffering a massive amount of writters block, still here though.

Just poking to see if you're still around. :applejackunsure: Too many great authors never finish their stories. :fluttercry:

Thanks for adding Fo:E-Allegiances! Hope you (keep) enjoy(ing) it! :pinkiehappy:

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