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Futile Task

I'm just a simple writer sharing his hobby with the world, hope you all enjoy.

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So...... · 11:46pm May 6th

I may have gotten a hold of the new God of War, played through it, binge watched Jacksepticeye’s lets play of the series, and also sat my ass down to blast my way through the enteirety of the rest of the god of war games, and got inspired to write a fic about Kratos, Atreus, and Mimir ending up in a huminized version of Equestria....which I am currently part way through its third chapter.

So I have to ask....would this be something you guys would want to read?


Truth Behind Harmony Universe Q&A · 1:11am Feb 3rd, 2013

This is the new and Improved Truth Behind Harmony Questions and Answers blog, which will cover both Truth Behind Harmony itself, and all the side stories that are part of the Expanded Universe Series. If any of you have any questions regarding these works of mine, please feel free to drop them off here, and I will get to them as fast as I can.

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Eventually, I am stuck on a certain part

Will you be continuingThe Changeling Gorbfest: Celestial Traditions?

Eventually, it is going through a bit of a re-write like now.


May I ask if there is going to be any more work done on teacher no more?

Thank you for the add, it really means a lot!

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