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Futile Task

I'm just a simple writer sharing his hobby with the world, hope you all enjoy.

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I am going into realms so foreign to me right now... · 2:09am Dec 6th, 2018

So, I recently started playing Pokemon Uranium a few weeks back, which I started playing after reading A New World, A New Way for the third time, and of course as these things happen, I have been itching to write a story based in that world, though of course, with my own flare added in.

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Truth Behind Harmony Universe Q&A · 1:11am Feb 3rd, 2013

This is the new and Improved Truth Behind Harmony Questions and Answers blog, which will cover both Truth Behind Harmony itself, and all the side stories that are part of the Expanded Universe Series. If any of you have any questions regarding these works of mine, please feel free to drop them off here, and I will get to them as fast as I can.

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Quick question is this:The Changeling Gorbfest: Celestial Traditions ever going to be finished

Suffering a massive amount of writters block, still here though.

Just poking to see if you're still around. :applejackunsure: Too many great authors never finish their stories. :fluttercry:

Thanks for adding Fo:E-Allegiances! Hope you (keep) enjoy(ing) it! :pinkiehappy:

I am reminded that I have yet to erase A Song of Angels off of the site. Still not sure whether or not I should but it's looking likely. :twilightsheepish:

  • Viewing 125 - 129 of 129
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