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For those of us who love our ponies with vapour and gears.

A small support group for fans of Steampunk, Dieselpunk and Cyberpunk pony fiction.

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Power land in and walk out of smouldering crater

I'm here to drink tea and talk steampunk AND I'M ALL OUT OF TEA.

I see you have air ships, I do to..

Mine has a battering ram on the front...


Comment posted by Aerin Silverfeather deleted Nov 18th, 2015

Been curious about Steampunk culture for awhile now. Figured, why not let other bronies introduce me?
Guide me in the ways of -punk.

Needs more Clockpunk, Stonepunk, Biopunk and Nanopunk.

This group needs more members and stories. :pinkiesad2:

steam ponies my life is now complete :rainbowdetermined2:

I like Steam Punk. LONG LIVE STEAM!!!!

Sword play Glossary, use it liven up a sword fight scene

this a list of Victorian male and female names, I find it useful for naming characters

Comment posted by DefectiveTactic deleted May 14th, 2013

Sup guys and gals, if your looking for a steam punk game I can't play it becasue my computer sucks, but it's looks damn good

Hello, who play tf2?

299134 but first you must right click the image and click on 'View image' and then proceed with the other directions i gave you (sorry if i confused you)

299134 o my bad :derpyderp1::twilightsheepish: Right click the banner and click on save image location, then go to your group list and you will see a pencil next to Steamponies and click it, and it will pop up with display options and right click where it says banner and paste


I can't find out how...

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