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Does your heart beat faster, reading about Airship fleets raging war in the sky above Canterlot? About lone explorers searching the edges of the galaxy in their spacecrafts? Or the pioneers working on mechanical wings to give flight to Earth Ponies and Unicorns?

Sadly fics like these are somewhat rare on Fimfiction.

This group is meant as a place to gather the few amazing Sci-fi and Steampunk works available, as well as giving support to authors working in the genres.

Do you know any good Sci-fi or Steampunk stories? Join and add them to the group folder or recommend them in the forums. Just keep the following criteria in mind:

For a story to be added, it has to include advanced technologies, as well as the impact they have (on Equestria or the cast).

The level of technology is not important, everything from steam train to space battlecruiser is allowed. The important thing is that it has some kind of awesomeness to it. For example the sole existence of airships does not make a story qualify, if they are simply everyday means to travel around, they must be a somewhat defining aspect to the stories universe.

Please also note that ponies or Equestria must be the origin of said technology. There are a lot of Star Wars crossovers, Mass Effect crossovers, other crossovers and non-crossover-stories where aliens (mostly humans) come to Equestria using spaceships, stargates, teleporters and whatsoever. That is certainly Sci-fi, but not what we are looking for here. Humans (and other aliens) are allowed, but only if they are not the reason for the sci-fi or steampunk aspects of a story.

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Hm. My story is an EqG cross over, and it does *affect* Equestria, and Sunset and SciTwi are the chief architects of the technology advancement in the story... but because it only affects Equestria but mostly takes place in the EqG realm, I bet it doesn't fit here. What do you think? Is there a place for EqG too, or purist Equestrai/Ponies only?

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