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This Fimfiction group is designated to science fiction fics. Anyone may join this group as long as you follow these rules.

1.Harsh and rude behavior will not be tolerated anyone caught doing this will be givin 1 warning. After that if you continue you will be banned from this group.

2. If you are going to post stories for this group, please make sure that they going into their corresponding folder. If you do not put thef correct folder you will be asked to move to the correct one. If you do not move it you will be suspended from the group.

3. If you deside to post stuff about this group on threads, make sire you put them on the correct threads. If you do not you will be ask 3 times to remove or move the video, picture, or any other post. If you do not comply you will be banned from this group.

If you have any questions about anything to do with this group or stories, please do not hesitate to ask.

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>> >>ArcitectOfAnguish

There is nothing wrong with any of the other sci-fi groups. But as alot of people know there are alot of groups for the same things. I understand where you are coming from though.:twilightsmile:

What's wrong with the existing sci-fi groups? Fx. this big one here.

I am looking for 3 other people to help me in maintaining the the group and I am looking for 4 Admins. So the first 7 people to leave a post on my user page will be my founders & admins. When you go to leave me your post please put either founder or administrator after each of your posts so I know which ones to assign you thank you.

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