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The man who likes ponies but also likes monsters... so what's wrong with him combining the two? ;P

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Just some extra stuff about me.

Favorite Story Genres: Dark, Comedy

Royal Ponies I like: Luna/Nightmare Moon and Queen Chrysalis
Mane 6 I like: Fluttershy, Pinkie Pie (as Pinkamena) and Twilight Sparkle
Ships I oddly enough don't hate: Twibra, Spember and Starburst
Favorite BG Pony: Marble Pie (would love to see more of her in the show).
Favorite Mythical Creatures: Vampires and Gorgons.

Least Favorite Story Genres: Shipping
Mane 6 I like least: Rainbow Dash, she is just too energetic for me.

There, now you know more about me. Now leave while you still have the chance. :pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy::pinkiecrazy:


Apologizes... · 1:44pm Last Thursday

Sorry for not being frequent with my Questions of the Week. I've been busy with some projects as well as homebrewing DnD 5e content. :twilightblush:

Yeah, that's not a great excuse, but it is what it is.

Hopefully I'll have an idea for a question or two later (that's the other problem, thinking of questions I haven't already asked), we'll see. :rainbowwild:

Report Robipony · 31 views · Story: Neo Somnambula: Desert Lotus ·

Personal Goals

My personal goals:
1. Have at least 100 followers... ...Ummm... gain 200 followers. Well... what is the chance of reaching 300 followers? Wow, I actually didn't notice that happen. I guess 400 followers could be cool.
2. Create an entertaining story that people like. Apparently I have written a few now.
3. Complete said entertaining story.
4. Possibly have one of my stories featured on Equestria Daily (but if it never happens I will not complain). <-- Feeling salty about this one right now.
5. Make some pretty good youtube readings. <-- I kind of stopped after Youtube changed all its rules.
6. Have a lot of subscribers on my youtube channel. <-- In response to Youtube's sh**... trash, I actually don't care anymore.
7. Reach 400 members in my Monster Mares Group.
8. Enjoy myself and have fun.

Also if anyone ends up making any fan art pertaining to my stories please let me know. I would love to see what you made.

Last Updated: 12/25/19.

Youtube Reading Suggestion Guidelines

Some of you may want to suggest some fanfics for me to read on my channel. This is perfectly fine, however there are certain guidelines that must be kept in mind when making suggestions:

1. NO CLOPFICS! - I don't read clopfics. When it comes to reading stories I don't generally read stories with the "sex" tag, unless it is implied sex as opposed to descriptive sex.
2. Dark Fics - My channel is mostly dedicated to fanfics of a dark nature, however I will make an exception if there is a "gore" tag.
3. No repeats - I don't read fics that have already been read on youtube.

Note: Any suggested readings that have been approved will be seen in the next season (season 2).

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"Thanks anyway, even if I have been winning the game for a long time now." Pinkie would giggle.

"You know, I have never really talked to you...ponies? No, not Ponies, y'all are more like...hmmmm, well, whatever you guys are, I have been watching you, or, to be more specific, I have been watching you watch me" Pinkie would giggle again as her hair would deflate and her smile would flatten for the first time every that you have seen the pink mare, the darkness around the screen would shroud around Pinkie like a fog, and finally Pinkie would say,"If you don't stop spying on me and my friends, I will personally make you into a new batch of cupcakes and force you to watch as I take all your organs one organ at a time, turning each one into a new treat for all the ponies on my side of the wall to enjoy." Pinkie's face would lighten back up, and her familiar smile would come back to her face, as the sun splits the sea of darkness around her like moses did the ocean.

You feel your self moving on your own, you try and force yourself to put your hands back on your keyboard to respond but it seems impossible, your hands make a couple of hand motions, your figure crossed over your heart, then you cover your eye with on hand, and when you do you are free again.

"Gasp! You Pinkie promise!" Pinkie would say, her hoof covering her heart,"I hope you know the consequences of breaking said promise silly!"

"I hope you know what your doing, Robipony."

"Well, if you Pinkie promise, and your a good little..., whatever you are, I think I could let you watch us a little longer, after all watching never hurt anypony. But from now on I think I will control what you see, I hope thats ok silly."

"Well, bye for now; I will see you soon." Pinkie would say finally before the screen would glitch out flashing a flurry of colores before it would just go black and wouldn't turn on again.

Thank you so much for the follow, it means a lot!!

I would do them myself but my voice is terrible for recording and I can't do impressions of the character voices. I own all the equipment for gaming streaming and I just don't use it.

3396373 I actually stopped a while ago. It takes a lot of time to do readings and I'm just terribly busy. :twilightsheepish:

A lot of people have stopped. I used to watch Straighttothepoint Studios but he quit recently also.

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