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Ryuku the Creative

This smile isn't stapled on. Or is it?

That thing about me

Name - Eh most people know by now
Age - 24
Born - July 11, 1993
Sign - Cancer

Favorite Pony - Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight, Luna, Cadance, Big Mac, Braeburn, Sugar Belle
Favorite Villains - Lord Tirek and Discord, Sombra, Sonata Dusk, Starlight Glimmer
Habits - Drawing, Singing, Writing
User of: Tentacles
Favorite type of art: Anything but fetishes
Favorite type of art to draw: Anything but fetishes d:
Number of children: I lost count after four XP
Favorite Poet - Edgar Allan Poe
Style of Writing - Grimdark

Kinda salvaging this place so I'm not on as much as I use to be. Oh well.



Happy New Years!!!! · 3:52pm January 1st

Now can someone warm up the planet?
Freezing my tentacles off here!!!

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Thanks so much for the follow! Welcome to the Legion!

Did you see my blogs? The new ones?

2447883 Ech

How've you been lately...ch?

2446428 Hehee well I got into the show thanks to SmileHD. Colorful ponies being killed made me smile and so I decided to give the show a watch. Started with the season 3 episode with Discord and after that I was hooked. Discord's comedy and Fluttershy's adorableness made me stay to watch it and eventually love it ^^

2446422 How were you first exposed to FiM? Did you watch the show or did you come across the fanworks, first?

If it's the former, what was the first episode that you were exposed to and what did you think of it when you first saw it?

If it's the latter, what was the first piece of work made by fans that you saw / read / watched and what did you like about it?

2446392 Probably would have said, "Not the weirdest thing I've done in my life

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