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Ryuku the Creative

This smile isn't stapled on. Or is it?

That thing about me

Name - Eh most people know by now
Age - 24
Born - July 11, 1993
Sign - Cancer

Favorite Pony - Fluttershy, Rarity, and Twilight, Luna, Cadance, Big Mac, Braeburn, Sugar Belle
Favorite Villains - Lord Tirek and Discord, Sombra, Sonata Dusk, Starlight Glimmer
Habits - Drawing, Singing, Writing
User of: Tentacles
Favorite type of art: Anything but fetishes
Favorite type of art to draw: Anything but fetishes d:
Number of children: I lost count after four XP
Favorite Poet - Edgar Allan Poe
Style of Writing - Grimdark

Kinda salvaging this place so I'm not on as much as I use to be. Oh well.



Happy New Years!!!! · 3:52pm January 1st

Now can someone warm up the planet?
Freezing my tentacles off here!!!

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I see you you still have the same avatar since we last talked.

Ah. Alrighty then. Here's to it eventually resolving itself.

Nope. Just a lot of irl drama hitting me like a building

Thanks so much for the follow! Welcome to the Legion!

Did you see my blogs? The new ones?

2447883 Ech

How've you been lately...ch?

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