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Sleepy Panda

Some people are morning birds, other people are night owls. Me? I'm some sort of permanently exhausted pigeon.


Just gonna casually dump everything here:

deviantArt: UpsideDownPanda
instagram: @reallytiredartist

(I don't use these much anymore)

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Heya! I'm a quiet artist named Panda (yes, really, that's what people call me in real life). I'm not very good at small talk and making friends.

I don't bite, though. I'm more scared of you than you are of me. Message me if you need something (art, editing, questions, etc) or if we know each other, but I generally don't respond to PMs from people I don't know looking to chat, and often I randomly drop out of conversations.

Art Commissions: closedInfo

knighty if you delete my beautiful left insert in the update, I will die.
edit: wow okay you're just going to let me die? Rude.
Edit2: :heart:

I don't really write or read anymore. I'm just here to vaguely keep up with people I guess.

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All we can do is our very best. And when things are looking a little down, or bleak as an overcast sky, there's always something to pick us back up again when we need it. At the very least, I am glad to hear that you are doing well enough for yourself. :twilightsmile:

Ups and downs but I'm surviving.

Been a while. Thought I'd say hello since it's been forever. I hope everything is well with you. :twilightsmile:

3034428 I understand. I look forward to hearing from you on Friday. :pinkiesmile:

Generally they're closed, yeah. I take occasional ones.

Uh, she doesn't have a name. She's a panda/pony hybrid and as such doesn't have much of a brain. Can't speak, not very intelligent, just kinda exists.

(I need to get back to your PM but I'm a bit busy at the moment. Possible Friday?)

  • Viewing 824 - 828 of 828
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