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Yes this is the same Shadow Storm as on Youtube so check out my channel I hope not to disappoint and im a Milwaukee Wisconsin brony

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What Psych Character Are You?

You got: JULES!
You got Juliet! You are a hard working person that cares about what you do. You like to hide your feelings though, which sometimes isn’t that good. You obey the law to the fullest and don’t mess around when it ones to breaking the rules. You are close with your family and friend. Overall, you’re just a super sweet person!

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Hello there if you found this then you have found the you-tuber shadow Storm now let me tell you about myself. i got a ps4 and I'm currently not in school and I love My little Pony Friendship Is Magic, I have ADHD and type 2 diabetes IF you have any questions leave a comment or pm me and please check out my you-tube channel and if you like it subscribe I also enjoy playing Dungeons&Dragons I'm a lvl 5 black dragon born a human fighter blood hunter order of the lycan background is acolyte, and yes that's a Mathew mercer created class, if you haven't guessed I love Dungeons and Dragons. want my stats to try and draw them feel free to pm with the subject as stats i need free drawers though


Writers block · 8:19am February 22nd

So if you have not noticed my game theory story has not been updated for a while. Its not cause I lost muse writting it or im done with it. Its just i have no idea what the next chapter is going to be about, but dont worry once i have it figured out there shall be a new chapter

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Merry Christmas! :twilightsmile:

And a happy new year! :pinkiehappy:

Thanks for the fav on it's hero time but first ... keep that pink girl away from me

The one i sent was a first shot

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