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This is the place for all of the Fluffy Fan Art! Got anything for Fluffy? Just leave it here! All art is to show how much we appreciate FelineFluff!

Thanks to xStellar_Bubbles for the cover, and group avatar.

1. Nothing inappropriate
2. there needs to be more than one rule?

A word from the Fluff!
I'm very grateful for this group, and every time I get on this website this is the first place I go. Have'nt been seeing a lot of art, but thats fine:twilightsmile:

Here, you can find color codes for Feline, so you get her color's and design right. http://felinefluff.deviantart.com/

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Can I write a story with you in it, Fluffy?

398287 omg I would love to be in a story!!!!

Hey, can I write a fix on Feline? Ya know I actually have a really good idea for a chapter on her I could write. Would this be good with all of you? I'd just need to know some basic personality traits and I'll have a fix up and ready (or at least a chapter on her).

Contribution: There's some series inspired pieces on my deviantart page here. I'll try to post something perfectly appealing to this subject soon. I'll put another post up when that happens.:pinkiehappy:

Why was I not informed of this groups existence?:moustache:

congratulations this group has been put on New Groups for it's originality and freshness

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