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I am a shy person who loves to read

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  • 106 weeks
    Happy New Year 2017

    Just wanted to wish all my followers and persons who I follow and read their stories a very happy 2017

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  • 148 weeks
    A little about me

    About me:-
    Country:- Trinidad and Tobago
    Age:- 29
    Sex:- (Hopefully I will get a girlfriend someday) Male
    Employer:- PriceSmart La Romaine/San Fernando
    Job:- Shopping Cart Crew:- Help members on travelator and gathering trolleys from all over and carrying them to designated area
    Role on FIMfiction:- I am a reader, not a writer. Looking forward to read a lot of stories

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  • 163 weeks
    Happy New Year 2016

    Just wanted to wish all my followers a Happy New Year 2016.

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You're welcome.

Thanks for the follow.

Oh. Thanks very much then.

Exactly. You're not a fucking heretic.

But I haven't done any of those things.

You're a fucking heretic if you:
-Seriously use Red & Black OCs as powerful characters
-Tell people they have shitty grammar/spelling while you also have shitty grammar/spelling
-Having shitty grammar/spelling and ignoring help to improve it
-Being a Meat Nazi and figuratively and/or literally shitting on other people for it
-Saying that anybody has shit taste in a best pony. No exceptions.
-You follow Windlife (Unless proven to be jokingly)
-You say someone's artwork is bad, or any synonym for 'bad' without saying why
-If Swagdaddy-69--Mojowuq9 fucking says you are.

What is a heretic?

No problem at all. Your stories are interesting and I will read them as I have the time.

Why are you following me?
*Closes curtains*

Thanks for the follow! :yay:

Not a problem at all.

Yo, thanks for that follow. :heart:

No problem at all. It was a great read and your stories are wonderful.
Your welcome. I hope you continue writing brilliant stories.

Thanks a million for the follow.

Thank you for favouriting "Backstage Affair" and for becoming my follower! :scootangel:

Thank you for the follow. :twilightsmile:

This is just something I wanted to show you to see what you thought about it:

My Thoughts on Fluttercord (Fluttershy X Discord)

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