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I am a shy person (male) who loves to read

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  • 8 weeks
    Hi everyone, 2023 is nearly over.

    I know the last few years has been hard. First we got hit hard by Covid-19 and other diseases. We also have bad natural disasters happening all over the place because we have been treating the planet badly. Lastly we have wars going on which is affecting everyone, and violence and crime everywhere. In wars and violence no one wins. It has been bad, and we all have lost love ones, but at least we're still here and alive. I'm wishing everyone a happy holidays, and I hoping that in 2024 we can

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  • 368 weeks
    Happy New Year 2017

    Just wanted to wish all my followers and persons who I follow and read their stories a very happy 2017

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  • 409 weeks
    A little about me

    About me:-
    Country:- Trinidad and Tobago
    Age:- 29
    Sex:- (Hopefully I will get a girlfriend/wife someday) Male
    Employer:- PriceSmart La Romaine/San Fernando
    Job:- Shopping Cart Crew:- Help members on travelator and gathering trolleys from all over and carrying them to designated area
    Role on FIMfiction:- I am a reader, not a writer. Looking forward to read a lot of stories

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  • 424 weeks
    Happy New Year 2016

    Just wanted to wish all my followers a Happy New Year 2016.

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Thanks. I'm reading it to. I don't recall most of what I wrote but after a point their romance was inspired by my own.

I'm reading through it and I'm loving it so far.

Thanks for liking my other story, the sequel to zap apples.
I feel it's more growth of the mares than anything else.

You are very welcome. I will continue to read it and let you know how I enjoyed it.

Thx for liking my Zap Apples story! The sequel and eventual next book in the series are something I'm very proud of my early writer self for completing.
Read on, and please leave a comment here and there.

Thank you very much. I look forward to reading it when you have written another chapter and publish it.

Thank you for watching me I will try to work on 4th Broken Rule.

I found you on a writer that I follow. You wrote on their user page for them to follow you on your new profile as you have no access to your old account because of an problem with Microsoft Authenticator.

Thanks for the watch. How did you find me?

shalli expalin ina pm?

If they are as great as the stories you have currently uploaded, I’m sure that they will be received very warmly.

its more i got a few more i am unsure to upload

They are fine stories. It’s okay.

ah, yes, that was a long time and frankly, i am insecure

Foalsensual? never heard of that. And really? I only did a few foalcon works

I saw your name in a blog note for Foalsensual, and I clicked on your name and you had great stories so I followed you.

Thanks for the fave and watch! May I ask why?

  • Viewing 175 - 194 of 194
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