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Some might call him a bit annoying. Some might say he's too obsessed with video games. Either way, he's cute as a button, and ironically, that's his name! Button Mash is about eight years old, and it's a new school year for him, too! But, let's face it. He's more interested in his gaming. Aren't we all, though?

Welcome to the group made and dedicated to Button Mash, that adorable background pony who loves his mother, has a supporting dad and can beat anypony at any video game any day of the week! Of course, without his mother, there would be no Button Mash. So, don't forget to visit his mom's group either! This is the official parent group. All puns intended. Now then, to get started, hit that Join Group button up top, and then head on into the forum threads to see what's up. Don't forget to leave a comment underneath either!

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Kudos to the people still updating this group. Yall are legendary. Keep adding more fics. You guys are very much appreciated.

There’s been a shortage of Button Mash stories under the Button Mash tag! Can someone please point me to some new, or maybe old Button Mash stories that I might have not read yet? Thanks!

Can someone help me I'm a new member of the group and I have a story to post but I can't find a way I tried looking it up but it's giving me nonsense can someone help me post a story

Comment posted by Golden Fang Ryu Shenron deleted Jul 17th, 2022

Does anyone know how to do buttons voice? cuz I sure can! it took me like, 1 month to practice his voice almost accurately

Hey guys, have you seen? They've added a Button Mash character tag! They've also finally added tags for the Shadowbolts, separate tags for the Mane 6 Equestrian Girls characters, and it looks like some popular OCs like Anon. Donut Joe still doesn't have a tag yet.

408276 there's a rule 63 version of button mash?

Why is there not a lot of Rule 63 Button Mash? She can be so cute!

Is Button Mash x Berry Pinch confirmed? I saw them looking at each other at the love part. BTW I SHIP BUTTONBELLE!! I REGRET NOTHING!!!

390013 That would be awesome. Want me to make one?

Say, is there a Skype group for Button Mash fans?

Out of curiosity, does anyone have an idea of what the MLP equivalent of Q*Bert would be?

(and give us a damn Button icon :twilightangry2:)

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when buttons was like i am the stash i olmost died lagphing:moustache: but:unsuresweetie:and buttons that cutie

hey guys! I recently wrote a fanfiction about this adorable guy, check it out when you have the chance. :pinkiehappy:

I could not agree more.

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