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ButtonBelle is Sweetie belle and Button mash here you could find awesome stories and pictures about them!

No bad words or coments plz.
Have fun!

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derpicdn.net/img/2019/6/21/2071600/thumb.gif what's a story you would recommend for the best version of cream heart/love tap?

I COULD if its not to late...witch it most likely is

Would anyone like to edit or proof read my work pls private message me.

ButtonBelle! Yay! Finally I found a group for it.

ok nvm guys now i know how to add stories :twilightsmile:

359433 awesome thx!!!

Comment posted by Sea_Swirl deleted May 1st, 2014

There, submitted the two best (in my opinion:unsuresweetie:) Buttonbelle fics.

Hey guys,
sorry if there are no stories already put in this is my first group that 'm trying to work, if you want to put in some stories that would be grand and if you have the time to tell me how to work this plz private message me thanks!:pinkiehappy:

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