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the star bringer

Every star that can been seen in the night sky is brought there by me. so enjoy the night as much as the day.

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hello there · 8:32am Dec 8th, 2022

Hello I’m the star bringer but you can call me, StarGazer. I’m a long time fan of the show and that’s how I've found myself here, I like:
. Apples (fav fruit)
.Fall Guys
.Youtuber's life 2
.Button Mash , Rumble and Apple Bloom (all three are best ponies!)
.Sci fi (not Star wars)
. Scratch21
. the song: Freaks by surf curse (Fav song)
.Ruby Gillmen teenage kraken (Fav film)
.Pokémon (specifically scarlet and violet)
what I don’t like is:

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Bucket list

1) get 100 views on a story
2) get 200 views on a story
3) get 10 followers
4) get 20 followers
5) have one of my fanfics on the featured page
6) get 5 likes on a story
7) get 10 likes on a story
8) get 20 likes on a story
9) get 10 members in my group
10) get 20 members in my group
11) be part of a competition

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Thank you putting for Online Bullying Is Not Cool in your bookshelf.

Just wanted to let you know, thank you for putting my stories into your will read at some point bookshelf, I really appreciate it and I do hope that you enjoy the stories.

Ho ho ho!

Happy Hearth's Warming! Thank you so much for having added Dear Saint Nick to your favorites. I hope you have an amazing Hearth's Warming Eve! :ajsmug:

Thanks for the fav.

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