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Hello everyone and welcome to the official group centered on one of the most popular background colts...Rumble!

Brother to the equally bad-flank Thunderlane, Rumble knows what's up. At the same time, little is known about him. Is he in Miss Cherilee's class? And if so why hasn't he joined the Cutie Mark Crusaders? What kind of relationship does he have with his mow-hawk maned brother? Is it competitive? Comforting? Full of tension or simply 'existing'? What about his parents? Does he have a crush on anypony in particular? Does he dream of joining the Wonderbolts like Thunderlane?

So many questions can be asked about him. So much potential characterization that the show has not given him yet.

I honestly was shocked that Rumble does not have a group yet, especially considering he actually has a line and there are a considerable amount of fics out there about him (including one that I am currently working on). So I've decided to change that. :)

So feel free to post fics centered on the little guy here in any of the folders. And if you have any art or music or anything about him share it in the forum!

- nygiants93

P.S. A special thanks to Seven81493 for the awesome banner!

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Comment posted by you that read wrong deleted Sep 16th, 2019

Get ready to crumble before Rumble!

Fuckin Rumble fuckin bitches day and night.


Aww yeah.
This colt knows.
He just knows.


Still waiting for a certain Rumblebloom fic and a certain Rumble ascendancy fic that I may have to write...

*Sees group and joins*
*immediately thinks of Nygiants*
*Sees who made group*

309454 Where did you find that picture?

I've said it before and I'll say it again.
Dis nigga kawaii as fuck.

I'll try and make a banner for it. :pinkiehappy:

Now all we have to do is FILL THE FOLDERS! Spread out my friends and scour the site! Leave no author un-searched!

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