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For all the fans of Equestria's greatest British pony and for all the fics about him!

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Griffish. I should know, as I'm from Trottingham (or as humans call it, Nottingham).

I'm from the British city that Trottingham is based on. Shame Pip lacks a Midlands accent...

I'm pretty sure that Pipsqueak isn't really taken seriously because of how small he is, so I'm gonna help him with that:raritywink:!

Can I get some criticism on my epic? It's called Pipsqueak and I'm 3 chapters in.http://www.fimfiction.net/story/177202/pipsqueak

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What do you call British in Equestria?:rainbowhuh:

Pip is so adorable!:rainbowkiss: I just want to stuff him in my pocket lolz:twilightblush:

Heresy! Rarity is best British pony. :raritystarry:

I'll be first to join this group. Other than Scootaloo, Pip is unquestionably the best foal. And hell, I'm not even British!

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