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Across the Equestrian lands and seas alike, there echoes of a legend; a pirate so dreaded that even the bulkiest of sailors would scream in fright. All you would need to recognize is his galleon's flag to know true fear. While most would keep away from such an outlaw, a few women know the kind-hearted young man he truly is. One lass will go so far as to join the kid.
However, all is not simply fun and games. Nightmare Night is coming, and the young pirate have to brave the spirit of Nightmare himself if Equestria is to survive another year. However, a new rat-faced minion is going to make this quest a little more challenging.

WARNING: contains anime references, very mild pee fetishing, shipping, and humanized ponies that I'm not exactly sure would qualify as anthropomorphic.

Chapters (9)
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Good start to a story, seems like a good idea man, the building of the plot is good, introducing the main Characters in the first chapter is a plus, making it seem a bit more like a novel is a plus, yep seems like a good story, hope for more soon

-Emerald Knight

You know, I could go on and on for about a hundred words about the pros and cons, but dude, all I really need to say here is that you're good. Like, good published writer good, and this coming from a Lit student, so, I like to think it means something. Everything checks out, and I'm actually kinda interested to see where you take this later. Nice job!

It's the Dread Pirate Roberts! (Because nobody would surrender to a Dread Pirate Pipsqueak.)

This is getting good

Man you are doing awesome so far dude! I love it!

Comment posted by stardusk deleted May 5th, 2014

4338794 Please don't spoil any references. Those are for the reader to find out. :twilightsmile:

4339315 It's not spoiling if you don't see it until the end of the chapter and nobody has ever had a problem with that sort of thing before, so how was I supposed to know? :rainbowhuh:

Pip made a motion toward Pip


I qas hoping for some luna and pip......shipping

Comment posted by Draco Dei deleted Jun 21st, 2014

4504064 It would be if stories didn't have a 5 genre limit. The 5 that are currently listed also apply to Pipsqueak, and I think are more significant than human/anthro.

Also, this may be my own misunderstanding, but Human represents that a human has come from the real world and into Equestria, not humanized characters themselves. So, the Echo the Diamond Dog series, My Little Dashie, and Bathtime with Ponies all properly fit the genre.

4504064 Void the genre part, but seriously, Anthro is a very minimal genre.

Comment posted by Draco Dei deleted Jun 21st, 2014

Ya new awesome chaperone loved now keep them coming ☺

Omg that mouse is so creepy lol
good chapter can't wait for the next one keep up the good work

What is this a crossover of, and what's with all the deleted comments?

This was great! Can't wait until the next chapter

However, a new rat-faced minion is going to make this quest a little more challenging.

Damn you, Mickey Mouse! I knew you were an evil monster!

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