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Now that I'm done with all my obligations, I shall wri- oh look, a distraction!

2018 Writing Resolutions

[] Write three chapters for HLW
[] Finish the Diamond Tiara story
[] Finish up those clop chapters that are sitting half finished in my Drive
[] Make a proper writing schedule and stick to it

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This chapter is driving me absolutely crazy · 8:25pm Dec 21st, 2017

I know I said that the next chapter was almost done, but after stepping away for a bit to deal with IRL stuff and then coming back, I found that I didn’t like where the story was going. So I scrapped a good 1k of it or so, maybe 2k, and re did it. Then I did so again, and again, and again, and again, and so on. Happened with long stretches of paragraphs and short sentences alike. No words were safe.

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Whatcha doing looking at fimfic, huuuuuh? I see you.

The hidden is his written really well:derpytongue2:! Hope to see you writing again.:moustache:

Thanks for the fav ya silly!

Lol thanks for the fav fan of your work

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