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Now that I'm done with all my obligations, I shall wri- oh look, a distraction!

2017 Writing Resolutions

[] Write three chapters for HLW
[] Publish Sundown fic
[x] Publish futa Dragon Lord Ember fic
[] Finish up those clopverse chapters that are sitting half finished in my Drive
[x] Publish 1 non-clop story or 2-3 non-clop chapters.

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Proof that I'm alive and working! · 4:06am August 20th

Hey guys, sorry it's taking so long to get the next chapter out. I won't bore you with IRL issues because everyone has them, but rather the reason is that I've had to rewrite and restart this thing multiple times. I want the best for you guys and I want this jenga-sudoku-crossword clusterfuck to stay stable and sane. I am slowly hacking away at it; getting short bursts of words out at a time seems to be the key lately. I think I've figured out a way through, but it will take some time and I

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