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A friend's money troubles · 8:23pm Sep 4th, 2015

A few days ago, a friend ran into money troubles. The money they'd been saving for school is gone, so they've opened commissions in order to make enough money to get through the week. Please help him.

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Diane Praeses, Gerard Praeses, Lisa Praeses

(Update: I am currently working on drawing the three myself, so hopefully I will have proper pictures of them up at some point.)
Species: Human


Diane: White skin, with dark red hair. Wears a bright red hooded cloak over a short black dress, a small belt with a silver rose buckle holding a small ammo pouch loosely hanging around her waist, a pair of dark grey leggings and a pair of black boots with red soles and laces. The cloak conceals the Japanese Kanji for Death emblazoned on the back of her dress.

Gerard: Slightly tan skin, with black hair. Wears a white T-Shirt and a black hoodie, green pants and white sneakers.

Lisa: Snow-White skin, with silver hair tied in a ponytail hanging to the right. Wears a short strapless white dress with a snowflake pattern on the hem, a small pendant around her neck, a white jacket with the Kanji for Life emblazoned on the back, and white boots.


Diane:Very laid back and easygoing, very fond of making sex jokes. Knows how to be serious and commanding when the situation calls for it though.

Gerard: Very calm, even in crisis situations, and knows how to handle his emotions somewhat.

Lisa: Very stern and serious most of the time to hide her emotional pain. Usually vents when noone else is around so as not to be a danger or a burden. Around people she trusts and cares about, she tends to act similarly to Diane, due to mostly only having her as a female role model during her childhood.

Weapon of Choice:

Diane: Scythe/Sniper Rifle

Gerard: Twin Broadswords

Lisa: Rapier

History: Diane, Gerard and Lisa grew up in a small, barely liveable home. Their father, Liam, was a drunkard and regularly beat their mother Anne, Gerard, and Diane. However, he refrained from touching Lisa, if only because both Diane and Gerard threatened to kill him themselves if he so much as touched her. However, when Lisa was five, their father went too far and killed their mother in a drunken rage. He was never seen again. They spent the next twelve years of their lives on the streets, stealing, picking pockets and scrounging through trash cans for food.

In their most desperate moments, by some miracle of Fate, they found themselves transported to a newly created Equestria. Upon their arrival, they found themselves in the company of the world's first five inhabitants; Celestia, Luna, Chrysalis, Sombra, and Discord. Lisa left to travel the world almost immediately, being very thorough in covering her tracks. Diane was the first mortal to die in this world and was tasked by the world's creator to be the Goddess of Death, shepherding souls to the afterlife. Gerard was 'killed' during the battle between the Gods/Goddesses, and the Titans, gargantuan beings who each represented the elements that each of the six Deities embodied, as well as several who had no higher being linked to them.

Diane watches most things from the afterlife, trying to honour the memories of her family members and helping those who need it.

Lisa still travels, staying away from populated areas so that her presence will not become known to her sister or the others while she learns to control her powers as the Goddess of Life.

Gerard's soul is alive, trapped between life and death, guarded by the world's creator for reasons known only to her.

Noctis Custos & Diena Kareivis

Race : Pegasi

Home-Town: N/A

Appearance: Noctis: Dark blue body with a semi-long dark brown mane and tail. Glowing Sky-Blue eyes.
Diena: Dark Red body with a messy blonde mane and tail. Glowing Sky-Blue eyes.

Abilities: Highly accomplished swordsponies, Noctis specialises in quick, accurate strikes and slipping past opponents defences, while Diena prefers to overwhelm them with power.

Rising Knight

Name: Rising Knight

Race: Unicorn

Home-town: Unknown

Appearance: Dark Grey with a Black Mane and tail. Green eyes. Always carries two swords strapped to his back, named Tsuki no kokoro (Heart of the moon) and Taiyō no tamashī (Soul of the sun).

Cutie Mark: Two crossed swords, each with a symbol engraved in them. (One with the sun, the other with the moon)

Abilities: Highly skilled in Combat Magic, usually involving his two blades, which can draw strength from the sun and moon. Is able to merge with a shadow and appear from any other shadows nearby, and has a unique set of abilities, that draw their power from the sun and moon, known as the celestial style techniques. Able to temporarily copy the unique abilities of those he comes into physical contact with, and can change into different species of creatures, (though his overall colour scheme remains the same), both of these powers were attained as a result of the experiments performed on him for the past 6 years.

Bio: Found in the wilderness at the age of 5 with no memories of his past, the only clue to his identity a small bracelet with his name on one side and an engraving of the sun and moon on the other. Raised by the two who found him, who turned out to be master assassins. He and his stepsister were trained in the art of fighting from the shadows, and were taught the true meaning of being an assassin. "An assassin does not use their skills for profit or power, but to help those who are in need or are unable to help themselves."

At the age of thirteen, while wandering through the forest with his parents, they were attacked by a mysterious cloaked figure. His parents were killed, his sister was forced to flee and he was taken to a lab and experimented on in an attempt to create a living weapon. After each experiment, he was forced to fight another inmate to the death.

This went on for six years, during which time he became close to a fellow inmate, a changeling, to the point that he considered her family, openly calling her 'sister'. The final experiment involved the replication of an ancient demon, that had been created by Discord during the war between him and the Royal sisters, which was then sealed inside his body. However, the experiment was deemed a failure as something had cause said replica's personality to become the opposite of the original, turning it into a Dark Guardian (A demon who would rather protect than kill). They decided that the subject had reached the end of its usefulness, and resolved to kill him the next day.

However, fate smiled on him, as that night, a unicorn broke in and aided his escape. However, while they were fleeing the facility, they were attacked, and the young unicorn sacrificed her life to save him. It was his sister. Her last words to him were "Don't go dying on me, and make sure you help ponies when you can, you hear. That's my dying wish, and my birthday wish too. And you know the rules, always do the first thing the birthday foal asks you to do, and always respect somepony's dying wish."

With that, she used a forbidden magic that transformed her body into a living explosive, killing their pursuers and supposedly their leader, and gravely injuring Knight.

His survival was only possible as the changeling, Hollow Armour, whom he had befriended, managed to escape her cell and save his life, despite the warnings of other changelings that she would be cast out of the hive and killed if she ever returned. Knowing that sacrificed her place in her old family by saving him, he invited her to be part of his, believing his sister would not want him to abandon his friend.

Now, he and Hollow wander the world, searching for clues as to his birth family, and always getting involved in fighting injustices in the places they visit. He also gets into arguments with Rising Shadow, the Dark Guardian sealed inside him, mostly due to disagreements in regards to how much force is actually required when fighting.

Personality: Very serious in nature. Does not like to see others get hurt and will always step in when he can. Willing to lay down his life for those he cares about, though there are few, due to his reluctance to become emotionally close to anypony after losing his surrogate family. Does not usually talk much unless it is a conversation with a friend. Finds it painful to talk about his past, but does not avoid the subject if it comes up, at least not with those he trusts.