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A group based on an Alternate Universe Equestria! Join up today and go through hordes of zombies, orcs, goblins, wizards, Mexicoltian bandits, Amareican bounty hunters, Prench fusiliers, and much more!

To get a small taste of what is inside this universe, here are some basic principles this Equestria follows, but remember! It is by no means everything that is going on!

Equestria is an island nation surrounded by Amareica, Mexicolt, Prance, Great Britrotnia, and Saddle Arabia.

Zombie Farming is commonplace in Equestria. This means that farmers can grow zombies in their gardens, and use them as farmhands, warriors, servants, or pets. Some zombie rebellions have broken out, so you better be on your guard when out in the wilderness!

Monster Ponies Exist. I have a pretty long list of monster ponies, so it's very varied. They live in the haunted town of Hollow Shades, and can either help or hinder those who go near them.

Humans are here too. A gentler kind, mostly of insane people. Their kingdom is to the north, beside the Crystal Empire, but offshore. They enjoy dabbling in alchemy and wizardry, as well as animism and transformation magic.

And everyone is happy, and weapons are epic, and there are goblins and orcs, and many wonderful creatures.

So why not join now? If there is something to be had in the world, then that is fun!

Conquered by the Kingdom of Hiercaos!

I do not make myself responsible for any brain, physical, material, or emotional damage this universe may cause.

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Hey, I am new here, and I'm still having trouble understanding 'Alternate Universe' please mail me, my guessing will be custom made stories instead of fanfiction, is that correct ?

Hi I'm new, but I looked at your group a bunch before I decided I would join. You seem pretty awesome. ^^ I think ill really enjoy it here. Maybe...:duck: Ya I will ^^ :heart:

I hope this is the right forum to post this:
I need help with finding some writers to write for Zephyr the Pegasus's siblings for the 5 Score, Multiplied by More universe. The theme revolves around 4 Pegasi siblings who represent the 4 seasons, as that is when they earned their cutie marks
Zephyr represents the summer
Autumn Breeze, who appeared in a Gentle Breeze of change, represents fall. She won the running of the leaves and the last writer cannot fulfill her duties, so this character is available!
The other two are based on Spring and Winter, respectively.
Can you help me?
PM Me if you want to help, or email me at

Can you believe those guys?
And I thought Argentinians were suicidal.


Looks eerie.

You can be one, though. Anything goes in here.

Except Venezuelans... :twilightangry2:

This group needs these things.
japan stronk

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