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Group for any dedicated fan of the Metal Gear Solid series.

Any story that involves the Metal Gear Solid series in any way can be uploaded into this group.

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where is metal gear rex?

Yes a metal gear group.

Reporting for duty!

your taste is a very good one :moustache: I have no problem with rising but i prefer a good old stealth game as MGS3


ah, snake eater. how I love that game :twilightsmile:.

336186 336538 Rising wasn't horrible, granted. I didn't play it for long, since I'm not much into action games. I'd definitely say I prefer the Solid series, especially MGS3.

i haven't played metal gear rising yet either


heh, it was the first MGS game I played. that one got me into the series, next was Sons of Liberty and now Snake Eater.

I have yet to play Metal Gear rising, but from what I read on the game's case, it changes from a stealth game to a fast paced action one.

one of the best games ever made that is in the stealth action category


cool. what do you think of peace Walker?

i have hd collection for xbox 360


I have the HD collection for the Vita :twilightsmile:

me too but mgs 2 is good, mgs is just too much feels

Woo! a group for MGS! so far, I like MGS 3 best.

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