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I have many ideas, but not enough skill to write them >.> · 12:11am Aug 18th, 2017

So, I just got another pretty good idea for a story, but me being me, I suck at writing. This idea stems from me actually getting into League of Legends. and well, unlike most peeps who seem to gawk at Ahri, my mind is all over Kindred.

"Tell me another Story, Lamb."
"Remember what I told you about the lonely man with Dark hair, Wolf?"
" about how he split himself into two, to always have a friend?"

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Internets people and ponies gave me

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I do not, but I can easily find the owner if you like ^^

Dunno if they were referring to the same image as you have now, but I like the one you have as well. Do you have a source?


Thanks! It's not mine, but I thought it was a good picture too. If I'm ever asked by the owner though, I will remove it.

Love your profile picture.:twilightsmile:

heheh! yup! and I did read your fic that I favorited. Really enjoyed it, if still too tired to fully understand the logic behind the premise.

Sorry for replying so late. :rainbowlaugh: Been pre-occupied with other things. and I've seen you around a few times here and there, and thought I'd check out some of your stuff.

Hey, hi and welcome to the legion!

Mind if I ask why?

~Skeeter The Lurker

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