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Vinyl Scratch289

As the world around you moves you stand there motionless. Unable to talk and watching as the world around you collapses. Such is the way of life.

Latest Stories

Friends forever (Sango_4000 and Vinyl Scratch289)

My goals on the site and out.


Get 50 followers.
Get 100 followers
Get 200 followers
Get 300 followers

Talk to my favorite youtubers.



Make one story.
Make two stories.
Finish one story
Finish two stories.

People I want to meet in real life. (only people on here)

Gamer X
Alicorn Destiny
Captain Spitfire

Will be edited as I go.


A life can be replaced, but a friends are forever and can't be replaced by anyone. -Vinyl Scratch289

Don't be afraid of dying, just make a difference before you do -Eternal Aviator

Lifes like a book. When it ends you'll know. -Vinyl Scratch289

Anything can be replaced but love for another can't -Alicorn Destiny

It can only get worse before it gets better -Alicorn Destiny

We mourn our lost friends, relatives, everyone but there is always light at the end of the tunnel -Alicorn Destiny

Everyone who is dead has lived, only you can choose when you live, we are all dead but we have chosen to live -Alicorn Destiny

True Friendship leads to teamwork -Sango_4000

A fool's words are as worthless as dust. A wise man's words are as valuable as gold. -Thegamerator10

Have faith in others, and others will have faith in you. -Sango_4000

You did all you can, being there was enough. -Sango_4000

Don't forget who you are, remember what you did for others. -Sango_4000

You don't need money to have a great time. All you need is your friends to have the time of you life. -Vinyl Scratch289

For a wolf to survive it has to chew off its own leg. -Dunn (Battlefield 4)

My theme song

Somethings about me

I don't really like anything in this world. Yes I do like MLP FIM and all the people that do to.
I want to be in a peaceful country side.
Yes I live in the country.
I'm not racist towards anyone.
I have had two friends commit suicide in my life.
I hate Thanksgiving it reminds me of one of my friends I heard hang them self on the phone.
I've hated my life.
I've been through hell and back.
I've suffered a lot of things.
I love music such as Eminem, Nickelback, infected mushroom, Deuce, Hollywood Undead, Evernesse, Matallica, Etc...
If you have any music that you like or made let me know and I'll listen to it.
I have to keep my fandom a secret from everyone I know except a few other bronys and pegasisters.
If you hate me or dislike whatever it doesn't bother me I've lived with it through my entire life. Not many things affect me most pain doesn't either.
I'm schizophrenic.
I have scoliosis
Last words of my friend "never let life push you down like it has to me"

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Sorry, I haven’t talked to her.

Same. I need to know something. Do you have any way of contact with gamer?

Good, I guess...I barely come on here anymore...

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Sly Cooper

I'll kill you with the cuteness of Fluttershy

Your still here. I'm surprised.

My favorite mlp characters

Main 6

1.) Rainbow Dash
2.) Fluttershy
3.) Pinkie


1.) Vinyl Scratch (dj pony)
2.) Derpy
3.) Colgate
4.) Snow drop


1.) Luna
2.) Cadence


1.) Discord
2,) King Sombra
3.) Chrysalis


After a year or so of being gone · 9:31am Jul 21st, 2017

Hey people.. Wonder how many remember I'm an account. Then again I'm sure the ones I talked to daily wonder where I went. Well I'm alive. Just... Life. I see the site was updated. My tablet works. Yay. *sighs* So.. I don't really know what to say anymore. I'm just barely here. How many still remember me? And who can tell me how to log out I seem to not be able to and I don't know how I would now.

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