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I think the word you're looking for is demented. Also, it would be practically impossible to claim that title unless it was some sort of prize for a competition.

Who is the most demintic here?

359378 Personally I like my blood with a bit of chilli. :pinkiecrazy:

Man, I am really insane to drink dragon blood, it tastes like the worlds hottest hot sauce multiplied by 1000000.

359378 *Shrugs* I dunno.

359377 He just showed up no idea how he's your group cursed? I DRINK BLOOD LIKE PEPSI!

359375 So, I'm not the only one with a sadistic voice. :rainbowlaugh:

359374 I dun like this voice.....EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AND LIVE WILL DIE! STAHP IT VOICE! Your being a big meanie!

359373 EMBRACE IT!
Also, I don't recommend murder, it's bad for your health. And it looks bad on a job resume. :rainbowlaugh:

359371 I wasn't trying to be....I was trying to get over my boredom by punching a tree with flaming fists....WHILE KILLING EVERYTHING THAT MOVES!.....that's new....

359368 That isn't sadisticism. Laughing during cupcakes is probably a better bet.

.......Not sure how to be sadistic at the moment so.......I'm go punch a tree....with fire...

I agree

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