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New Name! And New Fics Coming Soon! · 3:59am Nov 16th, 2016

Hi there! I'm back with a new name!

So I've changed my name from CreepyPastaFriend to SNUFFLEZZ. I like this name more now lol.

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Hello, my name is SNUFFLEZZ! (Never thought I'd ever say that)

I'm just some person on the internet trying to entertain people with my writing. I may not be the BEST writer in the world, but I'm trying to escalate and become better. In the meantime, sit back, have a cookie and read some of my stories, well, if yu want to, of course.

Since yur already here, I guess I might as well say some things about me.

I've been in the MLP fandom for almost five years. I went through the typical cycle, diss the bronies, watch the show, like it, watch more, hooked in about 1-2 days, BAM!! Fan. After these years, I'm still obsessed with the show and I'm still proud to be a fan :3

Originally my favorite character was Rainbow Dash, but now I love all the characters the same.

I have a lot of favorite shippings, so I'll just give a few that I really love: RariShy, TwiDash, AppleDash, TwiShy and some others.

My favorite seasons are 1-3 and I like season 4, but not as much as the first three.

I used to love horror fics but I'm now more interested in romance stories.

Have any questions? Message me! I'm glad to talk to anyone (No rude or inappropriate messages, alright? Thanks)

Best Pony

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Are you kidding me

They don't fucking believe that Dashing was raped.


Why is that now

I'm going to kill our government.

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