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Shard Vine is a unique pony like draconequus, a hybrid that seeks only but peace to his own kin. He is far beyond the power to those below him.

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The "Vine" Family

1. Shard Vine
Race: Earth Pony Hybrid Draconequus
Age: 8 ( Not alone in life, but alone in the darkness )
11 ( The Endless )
16 ( The Lifeless)
Affinities: Frost and Dark
*Son of Lucra and the unknown stallion, Shard is known to be a hero and a danger to Equestria. His power is far beyond the others that nopony could even best him. He is willing to do everything in his power to help anypony in need. He once had a relationship with Apple Bloom, now with Venang, and a partial with Sweetie Belle. He is kind, determining, averagely smart, and sometimes assertive. He is the only one who can stop any threats that may harm his loved ones, his life, and his family.
2. Venang
Race: Thestral ( The Endless )
Deathless Pegasus ( Act 3 of the Endless )
Age: 10 ( The Endless )
15 ( The Lifeless )
Affinity: Flame
* A Thestral who followed and assisted Shard on the war against his own race. She has a strong interest with Shard, mainly because the two joined in many challenges and wacky adventures together. Also because they sleep together in each other's embrace. She is kind and quite intelligent. She is gifted with flame element due to her parents having ancestors that carried that kind of affinity. Kindful and Intelligent. Wouldn't mind him going with other mares.
3. Blizz Vine
Race: Pegasus Hybrid Draconequus
Age: 5
Affinities: Frost, Flame, and Dark
*Twin sister of Flake Vine. She is a kind-hearted pony, very intelligent, mature and immature, and a friend that always have the others look up to her. Although she is just average at school, they give her a high conduct grade due to her being selfless to be considerate to others. Her favorite is her daddy, Shard Vine, because she is very close him and obeys whatever his commands to her. She still loves most her mother, calling her mommy. She understands the jealousy of her twin sister about being daddy's favorite. She just hopes that her sister will come into terms. Blizz can also transform into the form of a hybrid archon. Secretly sometimes, she uses her pacifier, her foal bottle, and wear diapers. Only her parents know about it.
4. Flake Vine
Race: Pegasus Hybrid Draconequus
Age: 5
*Twin sister of Blizz Vine. Flake is sometimes to be a stubborn pony most because she wanted to be favorite. She is very popular at school, have many friends, smart but not that much, and selfish. She is jealous of Blizz because she's daddy's good filly and always get his attention by just being a sweet little immature foal. Although she has a rivalry with her, she still cares and loves her as twins always. Flake can also transform into an archon form, sometimes for beauty.
Affinity: Frost and Dark

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